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  1. Inside Ibrox? Don't be daft!
  2. Lol, no!
  3. So, me not caring about camera angles during post goal celebrations somehow facilitates corruption within the game? That's what it sounds like you're suggesting.
  4. How is that even slightly related?
  5. If someone were to bid for one of our keepers, I'd happily take Zander Clark from St. Johnstone.
  6. People actually give a fuck where the cameras were pointing after we scored? I was way too wrapped up in the moment to even notice - I must have looked a right cunt jumping around like an idiot. I'm glad nobody was filming me!
  7. I'm just glad it's not Kevin Clancy.
  8. Big Jock Noodles!
  9. Rupert Friend^^^^^ Lee McCulloch^^^^^
  10. The fact that you hadn't realised he'd been hooked already speaks volumes about Holt's performance!
  11. Well done Waghorn - he missed from a similar position the other week!
  12. Got a touch of the Voldemort look!
  13. Thought my stream was buffering there but no, Senderos is actually that slow! What a clown!
  14. Yes, Hill - that's more fucking like it!
  15. Nothing wrong with that challenge imo. In fact, I wish our players would show a bit more grit in the tackle.
  16. Of course! Sometimes he even seems to have 2 of them!
  17. It's what Bournemouth would want!
  18. Most of the current squad need replacing, in all honesty.
  19. If the pictures she posted of herself are a guy, then I'm afraid I'm a raging homopoof!
  20. Right! Some cunt needs to clear this up! Forget the Warburton shite - Am I shagging @Rangers Lady or what?
  21. Fuck you, man! She liked my post! That's masturbation material for a month!
  22. Gladly!
  23. I didn't dismiss him. I merely asked why he wasn't being retained. Also, without watching him play how can anyone know if he's still got it? I'm not claiming to know either way.
  24. Didn't realise Chinese football was so popular north of the border! Seriously - how many of you saying they'd take him/he'd be an improvement etc. have actually watched him this year? If he was still able to cut it, why is it he's being let go?