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  1. I'd be happy with Ben Chilwell.
  2. I wouldn't read too much into that as Morelos also wore no. 10!
  3. No they wouldn't.
  4. 4000 carrots
  5. Classless cunt's finest hour.
  6. We are the papal!
  7. Of course he's a legend - for what he did on the pitch. I don't give a fuck about the other shite. Everybody has a right to negotiate the best deal they can get for themselves. I'd probably feel more anger towards the people who gave him the deals, if I could be bothered to think about it!
  8. I worded that terribly but you know what I mean!
  9. Surely they'd be more likely to settle if there's a few of them to help each other, compred to one alone?
  10. What you on about, "some"?
  11. That would have no bearing on it at all as he'd have been free to sign a pre contract 6 months before that.
  12. The trolley may have got past him but the hostess certainly didn't!
  13. So 6 goals in 28 games in a league which is all about attacking is less than impressive!
  14. I feel slightly ridiculous in that I'm getting excited about the potential signing of some cunt I'd never heard of 3 days ago!
  15. So your master stroke is to sign players we can't afford!
  16. Could you make it his leg instead?
  17. Turns out you did know how to say it!
  18. He's the greatest, he's fantastic...
  19. The bottom line is that if we can get a transfer fee for Tavernier and replace him for nowt with Paterson, we've done a good bit of business which could help fund other transfers.
  20. Ok, you're an ugly cunt!
  21. No they weren't...
  22. Lazy journalism. I hope.
  23. Unless Warburton, or anyone else for that matter, makes a bid for Tavernier in the summer. We'd have a suitable replacement for free and a few quid in the bank.
  24. I'm doing just that. Been working on it for 3 weeks solid - not even half way yet!
  25. He rubs defenders up the wrong way. I stand by my comment.