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  1. What is it with this recent obsession some of our fans seem to have with buyout clauses? They are in no way shape or form of any benefit to the club. Unless the player demands one, we shouldn't even consider adding one.
  2. **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    Are they showing the games again now?
  3. ***Rumours thread***

    Dunno, mate - I can think of a few...
  4. Best new signing?

    Thinking short term, I voted for Alves. That said, looking at the bigger picture I reserve the right to change it to Cardoso in a couple of years time.
  5. ***Rumours thread***

    Put it this way, he was standing up when he passed it on!
  6. ***Rumours thread***

    Indeed. We should sell him to the taigs for less than hibs offer, just to stick it up them!
  7. ***Rumours thread***

    Grow a set, Dopey!
  8. ***Rumours thread***

    Fuck you then, shortarse!
  9. ***Rumours thread***

    You work with @Moody Blue Legend?
  10. Time

    We didn't! 7 of last night's starting 11 were here last season.
  11. Rangers tits n ass friendly

    I wouldn't read too much into that as Morelos also wore no. 10!
  12. ***Rumours thread***

    Classless cunt's finest hour.
  13. $uper Ally

    Of course he's a legend - for what he did on the pitch. I don't give a fuck about the other shite. Everybody has a right to negotiate the best deal they can get for themselves. I'd probably feel more anger towards the people who gave him the deals, if I could be bothered to think about it!
  14. ***Rumours thread***

    I worded that terribly but you know what I mean!
  15. ***Rumours thread***

    Surely they'd be more likely to settle if there's a few of them to help each other, compred to one alone?
  16. ***Rumours thread***

    He's the greatest, he's fantastic...
  17. ***Rumours thread***

    Unless Warburton, or anyone else for that matter, makes a bid for Tavernier in the summer. We'd have a suitable replacement for free and a few quid in the bank.
  18. Suggestions.

    Lol, no!
  19. Suggestions.

    If someone were to bid for one of our keepers, I'd happily take Zander Clark from St. Johnstone.
  20. Football look-a-likes?

    Rupert Friend^^^^^ Lee McCulloch^^^^^
  21. *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    The fact that you hadn't realised he'd been hooked already speaks volumes about Holt's performance!
  22. *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    Well done Waghorn - he missed from a similar position the other week!
  23. *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    Got a touch of the Voldemort look!
  24. *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    Thought my stream was buffering there but no, Senderos is actually that slow! What a clown!
  25. *** The Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ***

    Yes, Hill - that's more fucking like it!