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  1. Haha the commentator is chattin about the #goianfacts banter.
  2. *** The Official Champions V Bheggars***

    So. Fucking. Happy.
  3. Edu Hat-Trick coming up...
  4. Goodwillie To Sign For Blackburn Tomorrow

    This is exhausting.
  5. The big man just doesn't let you down, never!
  6. http://i54.tinypic.com/2m7z1w1.gif
  7. I mean, Jela probably has a hat trick by now.
  8. Always a drama wie these streams at halftime...
  9. Filthy Tims. It's gonna happen and theres nothing you can do about it. We've belted ye even without the money. ahahahahaahha :crabflute:
  10. Too many defenders in there all bumbling about in the way of eachother! Class finish.
  11. Sorry for the moanage but this is bloody DIRE already. AWFUL tactics.
  12. I did fear it, but to see it actually happening again is hard to take. Pinned back, bullied in midfield, Jelavic isolated, awful long balls, no movement. outfought and outclassed in every department. Shocking. The shape is not working, why can't you see that Walter. Feel sorry for :jelavic: stuck up there with nothing to work with. Piss poor Walter, yes I am looking at you.