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  1. I wish a Journo would ask him the direct question, what is going on with Matt mcKay?
  2. It's a distinct possibility, let's hope it doesn't happen. Henry, class.
  3. Haha the commentator is chattin about the #goianfacts banter.
  4. Ally must be brave, and leave Davie out.
  5. Dalziel is superb, top motherwell man.
  6. Did anyone hear Gordon Dalziel say he was "gettin a Chinky"? Jim Delahunt had to chime in and say he meant a "Chinese meal".
  7. So. Fucking. Happy.
  8. This is an ironic poll aye?
  9. Edu Hat-Trick coming up...
  10. This guy looks the real deal, excellent today.
  11. Lets be honest, it's awful.
  12. This is exhausting.