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  1. McDowall WILL play the usual mob. My team would be: Miller Vuckic Law Templeton* Bigirimana* Murdoch Wallace Zaliukas* Streete* McGregor Simonsen * = If fit Subs: Robinson, Foster, McCulloch, Shiels, Hutton, Clark, Boyd. Shane Ferguson will be a great player for us but I fear the time it takes for him to be fit enough to play it will too late.
  2. Simonsen Foster McGregor McCulloch Wallace Black Law MacLeod Templeton Boyd Miller Hope to hell Mohsni doesn't start, he's just too much of a bombscare and a huge risk in what is our most important game up to now this season. Gers 3 - 1 Saints
  3. Well deserved win, was suprised at ICT's lack of creativity or tenacity as they're in the "best" league in Scotland. Chuffed though, McGregor and MacLeod had a great game. On to the next round!
  4. A very good first half from us, team are pressing well and holding onto ball but need to create more. Boydy had a great chance, if his first touch was better I think we'd be 1 up right now. Looking forward to the second half, we've been by far the better team!
  5. Same team from the weekend! Get stuck into them Rangers! Revenge for the 3-0 defeat a few seasons ago would be sweet. Gers 2-1 ICT (Boydie double)
  6. (4-1-3-2): Bell; Peralta, Jig, Mohsni, Wallace; Black; Law, Shiels, Templeton; Daly. If Peralta can be in a winning team over Venezuela midweek then he can do the same over Albion Rovers. I don't blame the lad for being annoyed at his lack of game time as everytime he's played it's been out of position. Can't say my team above does him in favours! But in all honesty, Foster is terrible. A shadow of the player we had on loan a few years back. Anyways about the game, buzzing for this one. My old man's car has been on the fritz so I can't make it to Ibrox but will enjoy it on the TV nonetheless. The performance can't be any worse than that against East Fife, that was absolutely horrendous!! The Rangers 4-1 Albion Rovers
  7. (4-1-3-2) Bell; Foster, Faure, Jig, Wallace; Black; Aird, Law, Templeton; Daly, Shiels. Subs: Simonsen, Smith, Halkett, MacLeod (if fit), Crawford, Peralta, Little. 4-0 Gers
  8. Today we remember the 66 Rangers fans who lost lives at Ibrox 43 years ago. Win, lose or draw today, it won't be anywhere near what those families went through and still have to live with. Lest we forget. Football comes second on a day like this but hope Rangers put on a fine show! Airdrieonians 0-5 Rangers
  9. Going to refrain from watching this via a crappy stream and watch it on BBC ALBA at 10pm. (4-4-2): Bell; Foster, McCulloch, Mohsni, Smith; Little, Peralta, Law, Templeton; Daly, Clark Subs: Simonsen, Faure, Gasparotto, Crawford, Shiels, McKay, Aird. Will take any score as long as we go through!
  10. Bell Foster McCulloch Mohsni Smith Peralta Law MacLeod Templeton Clark Daly Subs: Kelly, McAusland, Faure, Shiels, Crawford, Little, McKay. Anybody know if Zaliukas can play as a trialist or am I imagining things? Haha Buzzing for this game! Might be stuck up in the Club Deck but get a cracking view!
  11. (4-1-3-2) Gallacher; McAusland, Faure, Cribari, Wallace; Black; Shiels, MacLeod, Templeton; Little, McCulloch. This will be tough but with the players available we should be confident. Rangers 3-0 Wee Gers
  12. Ally must know the score with the trialist availability, I was under the impression that each trialist (Daly, Clark, Bell and Law) had 3 games maximum (2 trialists per match), we know that they can't play in any cup games but I'm sure Law and Daly have ran out of games allowed to play. Hope Ally hasn't picked it up wrong and we get in trouble, I can see the headlines, clear as day lol Anyways, with all that in mind. This is what I'd put out: (Taking the artificial 4G grass into account) - Put Daly and Law in for Aird and Clark if available Gallacher Hegarty McCulloch McAusland Wallace Black Crawford MacLeod Aird Little Clark Subs: A.Smith, Gasparotto, Faure, Shiels, Templeton, McKay, Murdoch. Looking forward to this one as I'm on holiday from work, get paid on Friday too so can have a good swally! Airdrieonians 1-4 Rangers
  13. Think we'll see something like this from Ally tomorrow: Gallacher Faure McAusland McCulloch Wallace Black Little Law MacLeod Templeton Daly Subs: A.Smith, Gasparotto, Mitchell, Crawford, McKay, Aird, Shiels. If Mitchell is fit he may play at RB but other than that the team kind of picks itself unless Ally changes things around tomorrow. Does anyone know what's going on with trialists and how many games they can play? Daly, Law, Clark and Bell can play 3 games each (2 players per game) am I correct? If so then Law and Daly have only 1 game each left but Ally seems to think they have 2 because they've only played 1 league game but what does the rules say on competitions as they two have also played in the Ramsdens?
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