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  1. Hanging out in the quintessential Rangers pub eating free ham rolls and getting pissed with a bunch of Mancs watching City destroy the manks or spending hours at an AA meeting... Tough choice.
  2. If posting comments on an internet forum is high on your daily list of priorities then you really need to re-evaluate your life.
  3. Makes a mockery of him calling it his dream job. If it was he wouldn't be having meetings with strange 'businessmen' weeks after getting it and offering them info on loopholes to undermine the English FA. Always liked Big Sam, but he has mugged himself off here. Should be sacked, IMO.
  4. I can never keep up, is he shite again this week? Doesn't matter anyway, he'll be good again next week and the cycle will start over again.
  5. Aye Gary. Can tell you're gutted that you think you've been proved right. That's why you decided jump on here and tell us all.
  6. It's not on the club website. Not posting their link on here, Google it.
  7. Spot on. That is what forums are for though, and why they should never be used as representations of a football teams supporters.
  8. After two years of not spending a penny on transfer fees we have increased the expenditure on fees window after window the last 3 windows, while renewing contracts for the majority of our squad and backroom team. I'm not sure why anyone thinks that won't continue.
  9. Pyoor beelin man. Giggle giggle. What the fuck do admin do on here? The longer you let other fans run around here the bigger laughing stock this place becomes.
  10. This is RM. This place is cyclical. I'd put money on it.
  11. AlBear.


    What's the point? 433 is the base formation throughout the club under MW. This won't change unless you get rid of the manager. But there are plenty threads for that discussion.
  12. If you answered the question would I believe it? Sure thing. Care to answer?
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