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  1. I liked it. If you like Jonah Hill acting like his character in WOWS with high powered weaponry you'll like war dogs.
  2. I wish I was as drunk as you. Ah, to be 16 again.
  3. It's in the oven, be done in an hour. Wash yer hands when ya come in.
  4. Well we won't be because their game in hand is after but facts have become irrelevant on here.
  5. If it was us in 'said' position after 3 games I wouldn't be calling it over so I won't if they are. Seriously what the fuck is happening? It's August and cunts are throwing in the towel after two draws. How is that not crazy?
  6. After three games!! Should just end the season at 5pm today.
  7. Just watched Central Intelligence. Easily the stupidest movie Dwayne Johnson has done, that's including the Tooth Fairy.
  8. Anyone who can afford to put a £400 correct score bet on is a cunt.
  9. Aye but he's got Desmond's millions/co-ops loan facility to stop us... That's how far we've come in one year, they are desperately scrambling around to stop us. #goingfor55
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