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  1. jack1690

    Ally Has To Resign

    Embarrassing performance, embarrassing tactics, embarrassing excuses. Every fucken week now. And the most embarrassing thing is...... Ally is not embarrassed.
  2. jack1690

    Time to get a few things off my chest

    The dud & bothwelltim are reekin (amongst others) & have been since they joined. Two of the several reasons I hardly ever post on here now.
  3. FFS!!!! Dignified silence, jobs for the boys, daily rebel in the know, bbc welcomed, radio snyde welcomed and an sfa love-in. Hope I'm wrong.
  4. I got all my family to sign this. About 30 of us. Out of that only about half go to games. Cannot for the life of me work out how we got 35,000 in one week and only another 4,000 in six months. I'd say there is a bit of shennanigans going on here.
  5. jack1690

    Ally And Lennon

    Cos he married a tim. God said "Well F**k you". and took his ability off him.
  6. jack1690

    Ally And Lennon

  7. jack1690

    Ally And Lennon

    She volunteers I said. And yes, good on her. Her full-time work is for another charity. Thats how we met. She believes in free speech and if things need to be said she is the first to speak up. She knows what the Roman Catholic church is all about. She does not come from this country either. Maybe you and your mates on this forum should stop making assumptions about "fellow" posters on this forum unless you know them personally.
  8. jack1690

    Ally And Lennon

    Yes & my ex-partner is a volunteer counsellor with Childline. She got me involved. There you know something about me now.
  9. jack1690

    Ally And Lennon

    Surprise surprise, look who has replied so quick. Funny when you just know whos going to reply. You were one of the ones who repped the dud in that vile thread and anyone who repped that shouldve been banned. You know nothing about me, or anyone else on this forum, and I give plenty of cash to kids charities.
  10. jack1690

    Ally And Lennon

    There are no Rangers fans obsessed by child abuse. The "songs" that get sung are merely reminding "them" what a vile horrible football club they are. Our fans keep it going because, at a game is the only place we are allowed to remind them. Try getting onto a newspaper forum or on a phone-in and mention the goings on at parkhead, ala Penn State in USA, and your post or call gets immediately rejected. I posted about in one forum, re torbett, when the debate was about how horrible & sectarian a club we are. The post got pulled but not before some mhanks replied to me. One even stated, " Typical Rangers fan. Did you not know Rangers employed torbett before septic did and didnt tell septic what he was like so its Rangers fault that torbett did what he did". So I told the truth & my post got removed. Mhank tells a blatant lie, got about 10 thumbs-up and didnt get removed. When I complained to admin I got banned. The media love to try and portray septic as this righteous, honourable, super, do no wrong club. Far removed from the truth. We Rangers fans are merely reminding the scum fans, the scum club and the scum media that WE know about them, their boys club & the vile "religion" that most of them follow and WE will continue to let them know, albeit only in "songs" at matches. We are not, as you stated in that vile thread, obsessed by child abuse. Oh and Big Jock Knew.
  11. jack1690

    Ally And Lennon

    It got chopped because of your disgusting insinuations about Rangers fans. It was the worst thread I've had the misfortune to read since I joined RM. Not only that you had the audacity to start another immediately after the chopped thread, going on about free speech, which also got immediately chopped. You should've been banned & why you didnt, only admin can answer.
  12. jack1690

    Ally And Lennon

    Fucken ridiculous, some threads have been recently.
  13. Doubt if Pele would get a starting place with us.