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  1. Three corpses were left in Gibraltar that day
  2. So your solution is to play Tav as an inside forward and play Jon Flanagan at right back?
  3. Jesus wept. Now is not the time to experiment bombscare changes like that.
  4. Davis being out would be an enormous loss for the entire team on Sunday. We need his influence and experience on the park.
  5. He hasn’t even said anything bad
  6. If that was any other player than Morelos the penalty would have been given
  7. Oh you bastard I was ready to go on the attack before I seen it was you ya wind up merchant
  8. Aberdeen fans are a fucking embarrassment. Imagine singing that because your captain honoured his contract and moved to a bigger club for better money and a better chance at winning silverware. There is no famous Aberdeen you’re fucking nobodies living in the 80s get over it.
  9. And if we lose then drop points our season could be over by the New Year
  10. Dreading it but I remember thinking we had virtually no chance last year at Ibrox in the 1-0 game with Jack scoring.
  11. He’ll wander about low end championship teams and top end League One clubs after he’s done here. He’s fucking woeful.
  12. There is fuck all negative about a last minute winner that puts you ahead in the league ahead of a Cup final against the same team you’re competing with Delusional shite
  13. I nearly resent him as much as Jon Toral and that’s saying something
  14. But how in the fucking name of Christ does Sheyi Ojo keep kicking a ball for Rangers while Greg Stewart misses out That is fucking terrible
  15. Somebody try and provide a rational argument for how Greg Stewart doesn’t get a look in at all but fucking Sheyi Ojo does
  16. Dreading Sunday now. Tarriers will be flying and nobody can tell me different that our dressing room will be full of nerves man for man.
  17. The kind of result we’ll look back on with utter repulsion in May.
  18. Crazy how quickly confidence can dissipate. At 2-0 I was raring for Sunday, ready to smack those cunts. Now I’m terrified of our defence gifting them another big score over us. Minging.
  19. With Flanagan his aggression is never in doubt but his positioning and agility certainly is
  20. Losing Borna tonight is a big blow but you’d hope it’s only to keep him safe for Sunday if he’s carrying a knock
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