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  1. Tell you what I’m double guessing myself now Away to check I haven’t made a cunt of this
  2. Yep, Rodriguez is correct too. One more to get. You’ll kick yourself.
  3. Essandoh


    We’ve developed somewhat of a strong relationship with American players over the years, and even though some were clearly not up to standard, the one thing that can be said about all of them is their level of professionalism. Reyna, Beasley and Edu are the obvious successes with good pedigree that showed great work ethic and left everything on the pitch. But even the likes of Bedoya, Zelalem and Hyndman left with the respect of most Rangers fans despite hardly setting the world alight. It really wouldn’t be a bad thing if we explored this market more eagerly in the future. The number of talented young players leaving the States to European leagues increases every year, and the quality of player being developed there is only going to continue growing. I know we have some coaching camps etc but I’d be interested in hearing how our scouting department views MLS and the college system in America.
  4. Mind the summer he signed 5 captains Who can name them?
  5. This isn’t a rumour, I’m happy to message people my source but I have it on strong authority that Bilel Mohsni is coming back
  6. Lost my hat during the limbs of this and a guy chucked me it about 8 rows down I’m talking shite it was Garner’s winner
  7. Spilled my pint without even getting a drink of it because of this
  8. And amazing Romanian staff for £100 a week Shameless
  9. All the Here You Jimmy’s that greet about English pundits and fans calling this backwater a pub league are beyond help Look at the fucking state of this. Pub League is generous.
  10. Been playing an Iron Curtain journeyman in Eastern Europe (minus Russia). In Belarus just now, some crazy rules in their lower division, including 5 subs for every game plus an extra one in extra time of the cup. Fancy moving soon to Serbia or Poland (said nobody ever)
  11. To this day the best goal I’ve seen in person at a football match. He’ll never strike a ball better than that. Buffon doesn’t save that.
  12. I can only remember him awkwardly waving goodbye with Prso and Klos
  13. Charlton Reserves to one of our best centre backs of the last 20 years (I’m aware Amorusu etc were better players but Boogie is up there for me)
  14. Not really that far out but worth posting anyway
  15. Wonderkid Golden boy I think not, albeit he was far from the worst we’ve brought through and did a job for that level
  16. Screams tinpot Hibs
  17. Hibs knew Foderingham was slow as a week in the jail to get down McGinn’s at Ibrox looked far better than it was because of that
  18. Mental how big East End Park is
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