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  1. Now we see this see you next Tuesday on BBC panel shows discussing politics..............wtf?
  2. Silly, but the reaction to it has been the usual woke nonsense.
  3. Havent seen enough of White tbh, but Maguire is truly shocking. I have banged on about him before, but the lad cannot do the basics. 80m for him is beyond a joke. I honestly wouldnt give you a tenth of that for him. Stones I thought was awful as well when he joined City and started playing for England, apparently he is better now under Pep. TBH most of what I see of Maguire and Stones is European games and England games, as I dont watch the PL all that much.
  4. Saying that for years. We have not had someone like your avatar, or a Brown or Fergie, for years. That is part of the reason we wanted someone who could smash Brown, it wasnt just smashing a player we hated, it was getting someone who had that ability to bully in midfield.
  5. To be fair to Tav, Gerrard has made it clear he is playing with something not quite right. I agree Patterson, should start matches for the next 3-4 wks, have Tav as a sub, to bring on if we are struggling.
  6. Why Rangers using three number 10s allowed them to 'find their level' for 45 minutes against Hearts https://www.rangersreview.co.uk/tactics/19654535.Rangers-using-three-number-10s-allowed-find-level-45-minutes-hearts/
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/58942834
  8. Like Big Yogi, but he is on the Jamba Juice.
  9. Happy for the Toon, my English club. Due to a previous working life, I have a great affection for the city, people and the club.
  10. Sure? That Glasgow Cup Final was a night game.
  11. Going to Moscow to ask Putin if he can reinvade the whole rancid place again.
  12. Remind them that Jesus was a Palestianian Jew, and a dark skinned man. Their heads will explode like Scanners.
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