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  1. Said Ibrox was the best atmosphere he has ever played in.
  2. TBF, the second yellow was never even a foul, the lad won the ball. But its Steven McLean and he hasnt a clue on his best days.
  3. Brilliant in the Bundesliga and Europa, dont know whats gone wrong.
  4. Sadly took his own life. Small for a rugby player, but heart of a lion and cracking player. Apparently had a terrible childhood with vile sexual abuse, and had a history of depression.
  5. Thought they had been pushed back a few days. I would still use it to rest players though. At least to the bench.
  6. Not many threads choke me up, but this has. Almost lost Dad in Jan 2017, the night before the Well cup game (Miller late winner). To go back to Ibrox six months later for our first game (Marseille 1-1) might have been nothing to 99%, but all the world to me.
  7. Some players look leggy and predictable, need to start using the squad, and see more of Itten, Zungu for starters. Also would love to see how Helander and Balogun would fare as a back two. The cup game would be a good opportunity to rest a few to the bench at least and give some a game.
  8. Instead of 4-3-3, Id go for 4-3-1-2, with Kent being that 1. Give him a free role behind the front two, let him run all across the front 2/3, mix it up. And a player like Kent should receive the ball at the end of the moves in games like today with a bank of defenders and dropped back midfielders, we dont need him to have 3/4 passes in a move, the midfield can shift the ball at better speed, and Kent just receive it in the last 20/30 yards. Try to find the gaps and holes than create them.
  9. Actually thought he had a better 1st than 2nd half. First, he got stuck in, moved forward, second, much less effective. And is no use as a left-footed player, always on the right, the opposition knows he is always coming inside.
  10. Just met Kris this morning in Ayr btw. Lovely big RR he drives.
  11. The Big Yin has worn our colours on several occasions, to try and lessen the seriousness of, and joke about, the OF rivalry. Take the nasty edge off it. Same with his comedy, both the OF and the two sets fans get made fun of. He was and is a celtic fan and has never changed sides. Or tried to.
  12. VG article, with some excellent photos, inc showing St 13 from the top down. Also a photo of the old and new stadiums where you can see see exactly where the old stairway was in relation to Ibrox today.
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