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  1. Derek was a brilliant young player, and IMO better and more naturally gifted than Barry. Barry of course, was a cracking player, and had the better career, as Derek sadly could not screw the nut in time to save his Rangers career. He SHOULD have the easy and natural successor to Souness and Wilkins.
  2. https://shop.Rangers.co.uk/products/mens-21-22-away-shirt
  3. Genius. Legend. And sex-god lol. A Rangers twitter fan page posted this pic this afternoon. No idea where or when, but surely has to be 85-87.
  4. Brighton for Dad and I. TBH like everyone else, wanted Real. Hey-ho.
  5. Already love this lad, loves being here and is ready to go.
  6. Even better pics where you see the slash across McCluskey's knee and the blood.
  7. I really like you, Gnu, but the stories from Sunday inside and outside Wembley, and before, during and after the final have been ******* horrendous. And I say that as a man who grew up with their fans behaviour for decades. The first Euros I remember was 1980, and they were a vicious mob, and would be for the nest 20 years. Sunday was the worst I have seen them since Euro 2000. And I posted the story of them assaulting a Danish family of mum, dad and little girl after the SF. We have been told since 2000 that their hooliganism was dead. Aye?
  8. TBF the latter has never been charged, as the PF cannot find enough evidence to even charge him. Yes, he was found guilty in a civil court, But that is one judge, no jury, and the burden of proof is a great deal lower than in a criminal court.
  9. The new Gazza and superstar who was supposed to rip the Euros a new one, hardly kicked a ball.
  10. So much for the death of English hooliganism. Attacking women and little kids. Euro 2020: Danish family attacked by England fans https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-57779541
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