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  1. Bet tnat half-eaten pie under my seat from the Leverkusen game is still there.
  2. Goram Jardine Young Greig Caldow Morton Baxter Durrant Cooper McCoist DJ
  3. Look at the bright side, you will be the most stylish homeless person in Scotland.
  4. The key to O'Neill is that he was bright enough to go to university, when footballers, then and now, are not noted for their intellect. That has always given him a rather smug attitude, he thinks he is cleverer than he is. Clough spotted this straight away at Forest, and brought him down a peg or three.
  5. Great players very rarely make great (or even decent) managers. Cruyff was an exception, not the rule.
  6. Maguire. £80m, jesus h christ. Its like watching a Sunday League player.
  7. Saw that, my first thought was how long before he is touted for the celtic job.
  8. Oh thank god, I thought another Bear was having a stroke.
  9. Seem to remember if being very popular at the time Tescos (I think) used it for a series of ads.
  10. Crowdfunder to buy the lot, then to hire a plane to drop them over their hovel at the first OF game on their patch, when the fans are back.
  11. To think Dad and I and most Bears jumped off our settees nearly 40 years ago to celebrate John Hewitt's goal.
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