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  1. From small acorns great oaks grow as they say.
  2. Title 8 3/4 - they'll never know if they would have truly won it fair and square.
  3. I speak historically, 2011-2020 is an aberration.
  4. The clubs wanting the bigger leagues are the ones who want the extra cash from playing the big teams and also a buffer against fighting relegation each season. The new setup is interesting enough but its complicated. Rangers are too big for this league, something needs to change.
  5. I remember the 80s, it was much more competitive, but frustrating for Rangers fans as the team went something like 9 years without a title. But walking over everyone annually gets boring as well and led to the 10 team Premier League in 1975, so the happy medium is somewhere in between. I still want Rangers to enter the English league system like some of the Welsh teams (yeah I know unlikely) but that means no European football for years to come. Two teams sharing the league title for the last 35 years says it all really - Scottish football is crap.
  6. Another reason to leave this spiteful diddy league.
  7. Well, that was a rare insight into the corrupt SPFL. Lie to clubs that calling the leagues can only release money, the vital Dundee vote goes mysteriously missing, the voting is prematurely published to put pressure on Dundee and then there is the final bribe, sorry reconstruction talks, to get Dundee to change their vote. Rangers, please, just quit this shit league.
  8. If Dundee change to Yes how are they going to spin that as as bribe-free vote?
  9. So SPFL playing the "we never got the vote" line (they somehow got it much later). I hope Rangers' whistleblower has evidence to the contrary here. This is all sounds too convenient for this one game changing vote.
  10. Sun has published SPFL's letter: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5485817/spfl-murdoch-maclennan-Rangers-dundee-douglas-park/
  11. Just to think, if the ICT chairman had not spoken out, we would have got some vague statement on Friday from the SPFL about a delay due to technical issues and then an announcement that the vote carried without any mention of Dundee. The best way out for the SPFL is to allow Dundee's "No" vote and rerun the vote with some amendments to classify it as a "different" vote, but no change to their main resolution to call the lower leagues. Slippery as snakes.
  12. At the end of the day, Dundee may still come thru with the No vote ...
  13. Don't get our hopes up or I wont be able to sleep tonight!
  14. Yet they said they sent the No vote anyway, suggesting the premiership chairman cut no ice with them.
  15. Exactly, this is not the Eurovision song contest!
  16. That seems to be the only thing Dundee would sell their vote for.
  17. So if the SPFL are trying to bribe Dundee, what could they possibly give them that is guaranteed?
  18. So the SPFL put out the incomplete voting results so as to let Dundee know they were now kingmakers and had a chance to change their vote? Nobody lets out the vote count until they are all in. Meantime, the Dundee vote somehow does not get received.
  19. I thought I had heard it all on the SPFL until the ICT chairman effectively whistleblowed on what was happening behind the scenes with the Dundee vote. I am glad he spoke up but like even English and Stewart said on Sportsound, this smells worse than a dead rat. I really hope this grows and blows up in their corrupt, bullying faces!
  20. Dundee need to come out publically on this - BBC is only reporting "one championship club" vote is not received. Absolute farce.
  21. Apart from voiding the season, they could play out the last games in the summer, behind closed doors if necessary and then cut down next season's games to ensure a May 2021 finish?
  22. So 25% of 42 clubs need to vote no which is 11 clubs? Could be a close vote if the potential play off teams are not happy.
  23. I hope the current squad were watching that.
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