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  1. Which manager of any worth is going to throw himself into this 10iar hysteria?
  2. Anyone know how long his remaining contract is?
  3. lol, Sportsound blaming the absence of fans now!
  4. What can keep him there longer? Too expensive to pay him off? Too expensive to sign a top manager? Too risky to get another manager?
  5. Hope they are so obsessed with 10iar that cup results dont matter.
  6. Being interviewed, so not sacked ... yet.
  7. Please let him stay! Popcorn, give the speech of your life.
  8. If Lennon is sacked, there will be no past match interview. Still waiting ..
  9. I hope Desmond and Lawell are men of their word, he must not leave until we thrash them at new year! Some gems from Kerrydale: "Where's the nearest hedge" "Only reason I'm keeping this on is the hope that he resigns on TV" LOLLL!
  10. I wish more this was a league score!
  11. Ho ho ho! Christmas has come early.
  12. Just checked, celtic have an easy December. Four home league matches against non-top 4 and away to Hamilton. Rangers have four away league fixtures and two at home. So just before the OF game, celtic will have three games in hand over us but we have the more challenging fixtures. Rangers need to at least match celtic for points and then beat them to potentially go 17 points ahead with 3 more played.
  13. Could be. I am thinking if Lennon is sacked, that could destabilise the team even more and they cannot afford to fall further behind. New manager bounces do not always happen.
  14. I don't know what they're thinking with Lawell and Desmond but I guess they are totally obsessed with 10iar to the exclusion of even European football. They must have assumed they will win their 2 games in hand to get 5 points behind us and then they assumed their usual 2nd half of the season charge and then they assumed we will slip up again. I think others would call that complacency.
  15. Yes, we have a good record against the Portuguese, so no worries there. I was wondering how we would get on in a group such as Liverpool, Atlanta and Ajax. It would be a big step up.
  16. Those two games against Benfica were a preview of what's to come in the CL next season - if we get through the qualifiers.
  17. Well, we beat them on away goals, very frustrating we can't absorb this kind of pressure. Does the head to head determine final placings if equal on points?
  18. I would take 1-1 or 2-2 to stay ahead on the head-to-head but on our current form, no reason why we can't beat them, they have hit a dip in the last few games we should take advantage of.
  19. Yes, I also saw him help the Argies beat Scotland 3-1 in 79. Though Leopold Luque and the other world cup winners were the guys I remember, we were told to watch out for this teenager and they were 100% correct. Rest in Peace, Diego.
  20. This team looks as good as just about any team in the last 40 years, they just have to now prove that by winning this title. Best start to league since 1967-68 but remember ... we didn't go on to win that one. Cautious optimism.
  21. Thank goodness for good Europa league runs. Are the players still on 50% wage deferrals? Would it be a good guess to say Rangers would be in profit last financial year without covid-19?
  22. I don't expect anyone outside Rangers in this league to beat the tims, but draws like today will do nicely. It's in your hands Rangers, don't let us down, Aberdeen are an inferior team, go out and prove it. I won't be comfortable unless we are ten points ahead and that is after they have played their two games in hand.
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