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  1. Couldn't believe it when I saw the video of it. He's an absolutely horrendous keeper, not sure he'd even get a game in our youth team.
  2. If Christie and Edouard leave, is Callum McGregor the only player left in their team who would be too good for another SPL team?
  3. Worst thing you can ever do is chop and change keepers over mistakes. They probably ruined the confidence of all of them last year. Once you make the change you can't be going back. Obviously if it's to give the other keeper a game it's a different story.(McLaughlin)
  4. That and the better they do, likely the better the league becomes allowing us to get even better.
  5. Plus if they bring in a CB it'll stop welsh's development who has been alright for them. He's not great but he's been next to a shite backline.
  6. Probably the first time they've all been half-decent teams too. Well except celtic.
  7. I'd say our first few games in Europe were messy, they were just downright shite. Honestly reminded me of the first half of our friendly against Partick.
  8. It was utterly shite, it looked way worse than some of our friendlies when our teams just building up fitness. Celtic were awful and that was only outmatched by the Danes.
  9. Aye he's finished anywhere he goes but he chooses who is on his bench. If he wants to just bend over and let the board say he should be in the squad it shows he's not going to last long. Which is good for us.
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