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  1. On the talks of roids, anyone remember when Wanderlei Silva tried to run from his drug test?
  2. They're more concerned at a much younger age with teaching them technique. That's most of European coaching. Soon as they get to 17/18 they need real professional level games not phoney friendlies with the same age group.
  3. You mean the Dutch League that has B teams in it?
  4. That's not the problem, that's supposedly still on the cards for the season after.
  5. Europe's elite B is still nothing games. Low level or not it's getting the youth players playing in competitive games with something at stake every week. That will benefit them more than friendlies.
  6. I'd be hoping for both to be out on loan to SPL clubs next season. If they hit the ground running there then in with a shout for the year after. I wouldn't mind Kelly being in Zungu's place next season see if he can nail down a regular role.
  7. cheers, i'll post predictions this evening.

  8. Hey

    Happy Birthday!

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