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  1. The big thing for me is if the aiming is updated and works wells. The main thing that's stopped me going back again.
  2. Abramovich bought the club in Ranieri's final season....
  3. Ranieri didn't bomb at Chelsea he actually did really well in his last season. They finished second to the Arsenal Invincibles team.
  4. Exactly, guys like Flanagan, Stewart etc. all came in to round out the squad and although weren't amazing did do a job at times.
  5. Is it worth upgrading to a 4k TV for the PS5?
  6. Have to give Wilder his due, getting up from that hit!
  7. You mean they booed because they don't agree with the actions of Israel? Regardless of your opinion on Israel-Palestine that's a damn sight different than abusing players for having the audacity to be a different colour. You seriously need to give your head a wobble.
  8. Looks like all the sites are down.
  9. More of a dafty, he could have taken the money worked on his own game and came back against Fury. This is Wilder's last big money fight.
  10. GamePass is well worth it if you want to try a few new games without any outlay. I've got both and if there's not specific PS5 title you want then you're deffo better with the Series S.
  11. That's good that he didn't mean to do it too badly, he booted the ref in the back of the head! Fuck him.
  12. I don't think he's the worst defender, if he cut out his shite discipline he'd be a better option than Simpson. That's not saying much though.
  13. People forget these players are coming in to a settled squad that's not up to speed or in form either. Much easier to fit in when everyone around you is playing well.
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