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  1. No chance would they give a manager three years to get it right.
  2. Fuck Henry, he scored with his hand against us too.
  3. On reflection as much as I'm fucking furious with them, 4 of them are daft guys barely even 20. I think that maybe has to be taken in to account, likely they'll have to go out on loan and prove themselves but if they do I wouldn't be adverse to giving them another chance. Zungu can go though.
  4. I think the fact some of our unwanted youngsters getting signed by them over there is great too.
  5. He will probably be one of those vets you won't see much until the playoffs.
  6. I mean I'm not happy about conceding, but it's absolutely ridiculous. This match thread is chronic sometimes.
  7. Hamilton have been decimated by injuries all season. They're not a terrible side.
  8. Aye he's not scared to look for the ball and some nice touches.
  9. These threads are fucking embarassing at times. We aren't playing well but it's not like we are even getting beat.
  10. Likely can't keep up the performance and concentration for 90 though.
  11. Big difference between Hamilton and St Mirren, St Mirren are actually a decent side who were on a great run of form at the time too.
  12. Think it was when Jim Duffy was going to kick fuck out of him.
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