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  1. Highly doubt we go with the same 11. We have the most changes in the league this season. Defoe and Itten/Barker will be in, likely see Aribo and Zungu start too.
  2. The program had malware inserted in to it a few years ago by hackers to steal data.
  3. Might have something to do with TV, although the more congestion they have in the second half of the season the better.
  4. Roberto Martinez and Frank De Boer for the teaser.
  5. Won't they have a game when we play our League Cup QF?
  6. They had a Hamilton fan on a few days ago, who else do you want to listen to than the tarrier tears though?
  7. Even if he ever did want to move away, the man never once stopped putting in a shift in for Dundee so we don't have to worry.
  8. I don't think it's that they're not playing for Lennon. I think most of their star players have been promised moves then stopped at every opportunity. Dembele and Boyata spoke about it before.
  9. They won't have him go before the end of the group stage. They won't want a new manager coming in and getting pumped of Lille and Milan back to back.
  10. He had an operation and is out for months. So they're basically stuck with Frimpong and ElHamed for the season. 😂
  11. Mclaughlin Tavernier, King, Helander, Bassey Jack Zungu, Hagi Itten, Defoe, Barker
  12. A huge part of the 2nd leg was our midfield tiring. Unfortunately we didn't have many options.
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