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  1. only 11.20 here in canada havent even got to bed to not sleep
  2. as any good tim says we are all jimmy saville watp
  3. just signed watp
  4. Went to the game at ibrox none of them showed up
  5. Exactly the same
  6. ICF

  7. superb
  8. pulling on that top for the team you played for as a young boy was all the motivation you needed to go and run through walls when i was a kid never mind turning out for the best team in the world watp
  9. our future lies with the young lads let them do the the club proud
  10. I think i am a typical supporter of Rangers ,used to go to as many games as i could but moved to england and on to canada and tried to keep myself involved with watching the bears.But since joining rm and all the hatred these wankers feel for us and all the nonstop this that and other that we have done my hatred of these arsehole loving mick bastards is getting worse. whoever started this are going to regret ever trying to get rid of the rangers beccause i have never felt like this and i feel many bears who support rangers will rise up to the cause who never appeared before watp
  11. hullo hullo
  12. been here for couple years as guest deciced to be member because stand stand these basterds coming out the woodwork hating us.Scotland used to be the most forward thinking country in the world bar none up till the last fifty years or so when the cattholic influence started taking us backwardsto the day we are are now maybe that is why so many scots emigrate? watp

  13. Used to be easy going protestant rangers man but lately hate the mick bastards