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  1. He is English don't think he is a Rangers fan
  2. Who fucking cares about that
  3. 800k
  4. Whats the point?
  5. Not even in the bench for Wednesday today
  6. Check out Alice Hedworth's Instagram page....some nice bikini pics! Also didnt realise her and Keith Downie are together
  7. Jim Whites Twitter
  8. Bid for tavernier rejected
  9. Or Scott Allan
  10. Smith has gone....McCrorie is still too young, maybe he will be loaned out! Kelly from what I have seen of the U'20s looks average at best! Perhaps I'm wrong though
  11. Jamie McDonald is a poor keeper.....that would have been a McCoist type signing which I hope we have moved away from
  12. Where is this obsession people have with Shane Ferguson coming from......i know he was just back from injury but he did fuck all in the Motherwell games. He is very similar to Gregg Wylde IMO
  13. That's bollocks if we wanted to hire him as manager now then he would be straight out of the Scotland setup . That would not hold things up
  14. Cool thread