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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. Just got two for bf2, Cannot wait for sat!
  2. I got on to the east stirling tickets but couldnt purchase as it said something about bond holders and season ticket holders???
  3. East stirling tickets are only for season ticket holder an bondholder priority sale. Im looking for general sale but no good yet!
  4. Just tried the website and they dont seem to be on sale
  5. Dying to get tickets for the east stirling game but going on holiday tomoro for a week, anyone know when they will be released on general sale online? Already gt the flights booked from NI to Glasgow for the weekend and need to make sure I get tickets!
  6. Right enough, will it not be in english?
  7. Any1 any idea when public sale for the first home game will be? Cant get a season ticket as itd be too expensive travelling from NI every other weekend but desperate to get tickets for first game at ibrox in two weeks!
  8. Will this be shown live anywer?
  9. Dont think miller pulled out becasue he didnt like a couple of banners. Must be more to it.
  10. Honestly couldnt make Up the events since 14th feb. farce
  11. I dont get to many games as im from NI, bit was at the game yesterday and sat in BF3 for the first time. The ones on BF1 were unbelievable, Great to be sitting near them so the songs can spread over. Without BF1 the atmosphere would be dissappointing. Really well done and hopefully next seasons u's will have even more recruits!
  12. Co antrim, northern ireland
  13. NI?! Even i the spl got a lot worse itd still be 10x bigger!
  14. Awful, i cudnt give a fuck who else is in europe, ill be at ibrox and expect a good game for the last match
  15. I ordered around the same time and still waiting