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  1. Pish spice is a hooker her fanny is pure mingin n when she's shagging Beckham she thinks of Bert van lingen
  2. Named my wee boy Cooper.
  3. I can't even watch the season review dvds or the run to manchester again. Whenever I see there faces it makes me sick nothing would make me change my mind. So no I would never want him anywhere near ibrox.
  4. Rip. Thoughts with his family.
  5. Klos? Berg? Capucho
  6. Yeah.Well played.
  7. He played 1game as a trialist.
  8. I got 10 n the last 1 a cm was a trialist. Or play a 4-3-3
  9. Name a full rangers 11 of Dutch players (has to be a credible formation)
  10. Gough McCall laudrup
  11. Always loved the guy but big amo.
  12. Gough goram laudrup mccoist albertz
  13. Goram
  14. Posh spice is a who're she has a stinky pie and when she's shagging beckham she thinks of tugay