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  1. The only way to see that is to watch it so NO! Can't understand why people on here watch their shitty games, get a grip.
  2. Think it's about time Hardie got some game time in the first team. Boy looks like he's got a lot of potential.
  3. A lot of talk of Naismith being back up in Glasgow. Ano what happened when he left but if the opportunity came along would you welcome him back? No doubt he's a great player and I have no doubt he'll regret the way things went down when he left. I still think there is a lot we don't and never will never know.
  4. Can only be classed as cheating if you hide what you do to gain an advantage. At no point did we hide or not declare our use of ebt's. Not cheating if you ask me.
  5. We donated over £13,000 collected at the game
  6. A just wish he'd shoot more. So many times in a game he cuts inside and gets into good positions to shoot and doesn't. Great game yesterday thought
  7. Didn't hear anything from the Copland end. Was expecting some of the same old clowns to boo like they seem to always want to do. They were applauded of the park from what I could see.
  8. Took the Mrs to the cup game against Motherwell a few years back. Never been so proud when she joined in singing King Billy's on the wall
  9. Couldn't really care whats said, what difference does it make? Are you seriously that offended?
  10. Be good to see it once it's all been done. Years of neglect must be sorted. Need a great stage for our great team to show teams how disrespectful we can really be.
  11. We've made a good start but we've a long way to go. This is a new team and I feel they will only get better. No point in comparing to that mob. Give our players a proper chance to show who they are before we start thinking that way.
  12. Unbelievable talent and made football look so easy. Not many players like Gazza and will forever be a Rangers legend.
  13. Is this for real because a just seen that Naismith received a 12 game ban, Whittaker 10 game ban and Davis 15 game ban.
  14. Guy in ma work supported us then jump to them! Canny understand it. He denied it for ages but eventually admitted it.
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