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  1. This article should be getting as much hits as possible so I don't think it's a good idea copying & pasting . Good journalism should be rewarded imo.
  2. I tried but somehow not able to copy it. Won't let me. Its weird as I've seen other posters pasting stories from The Times.
  3. It's a hard read & nearly brought me to tears but it should be read. It's probably the most damning peice written so far covering everything we know so far. I truly believe the clocks ticking for these bastards.
  4. Story in The Times today regarding the delay in publishing the SFA report into child abuse. MSP's ramping up the pressure & questioning the motives behind its delay.
  5. Anyone know the outcome of that SPFL vote about handing them more power to make decisions without putting it to a vote during Covid?
  6. Was fortunate enough to meet Jock Wallace twice and on both occasions he didn't dissapoint. A true blue nose and no nonsense gentleman that was one of us.
  7. Was reading Rangers news the other day when I noticed the add for the Boys v bluenose podcast mentioning the forthcoming derby. Surely its the old firm? Seems to be pandering to the taigs who refuse to call it what it is.
  8. Just been speaking to my wife's Croatian cousin (big hajduk fan) & he reckons they've got no chance against them.
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