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  1. Spot on. I've been asking the wife's Croatian cousins how he's doing & they're pissed that they've not seen enough of him. I think the Hajduk coach is easing him into the team due to his injury. His goal v Zadar will do him the world of good.
  2. God bless you Jack. I hope he gets a donor match soon. I was lucky enough to have 2 of my brothers match & saved my life in 2017. Being a donor is really easy and it can make the difference for kids like Jack. All you have to do is give a small blood sample & you're then on the register, if you match anyone in need & you want to help them it's only a few days of injections followed by a blood donation, and from that they get the stem cells which are then given to the patient. That's it! And imagine how you'd feel if you helped someone out like that. A true gift. https://www.anthonynolan.org/help-save-a-life/join-stem-cell-register
  3. I think that's why they've their eye on the Dutch lad Veerman. If we get through or sell a player I expect an offer being made.
  4. Timmy forgets his club spunked £15 million last summer in one window. Cunts are all over the place
  5. And hopefully there's more to come with Howe leading them along till the summer then opting for Palace.
  6. See ya Neil ya ginger cunt
  7. That road's a fucking disgrace.
  8. Great post. I take pleasure in pointing out to those playing the poor Irish victim card, that their beloved Church and IRA heroes are responsible for committing more atrocities against their own people than the British could ever imagine.
  9. I used to work there in the 90`s when it was Motorola. Tims took a power back then too
  10. Heads ups for a good deal on the Junior kits on sale now in the Rangers Store and still available in most sizes for the young bears. The Junior Home Top - £15.00 and the Junior Pro - £25.00 Lets see those young bears out wearing the royal blue once again
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