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  1. That was fucking glorious & those bastards deserve everything coming their way. Glorious
  2. Very suspicious as to why the player's not been named.
  3. Spiers already had a piece in the Times today. I didn't click on it but was clear from the headline "How long will professional football remain immune from Covid rules?" what the smarmy bastard was up to.
  4. Thanks. I Consider myself lucky. Was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and a stem cell transplant was my only chance after going through 3 rounds of chemo and it kept coming back. Lucky for me I've 3 older brothers & 2 matched which is rare as there's only a 25% chance that siblings will match. I really feel for wee Toni as the chemo she'll be going through is about as strong as it gets & for weeks after each dose she'll be on blood & plasma transfusions to keep her going. It's actually fucking horrendous and it brings me to tears the thought of a wee one having to suffer that.
  5. I know nothing of this lad Lundstram. Any good?
  6. Will transfer a donation tomorrow. I had Leukemia 3 years ago & also spent 6 months in hospital. Was really tough but God knows how that is for a wee yin & the family 💙
  7. Think I read previously that they'll still have match day parking. Not sure where though.
  8. Planners seeking approval for 160 flats at the Albion. It's important they get it as I'm sure the money from the sale goes towards the new Edmiston House & upgrades to Ibrox. https://www.reglasgow.com/planners-asked-to-approve-160-flats-on-car-park-owned-by-rangers/
  9. I was in Zurichs worst brothel one night having a beer at the bar & Rangers were on the TV playing some shitey team when we were in the 3rd or 4th tier.
  10. Loving every minute of their meltdown. Scummy fenian bastards each & every one.
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