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  1. Even Crespo would do...! Maybe even Martin Palermo... eh Diego?
  2. In the first two games, Batista's tactics and system were just wrong. I loved Riquelme as a player but the team had more than enough possession against Uruguay. They just seem to want to walk the ball into the net. Every striker was coming deep (the most guilty being Tevez who seemed to want to be Messi rather than get into the box). They need a big powerful striker who can let fly from anywhere on the pitch and also head and poach and who, more importantly, is hungry for goals, goals, goals (not assists). GB was the ultimate.
  3. Great entertainment though. Glad that I got a tasty stream for this one. Seen it so many times from Argentina - the best footballing side in the tournament with a lack of cutting edge. They were the best in the last Copa and the 2006 World Cup too. Oh how they could use Batigol right now...
  4. Hope Tevez does retire from international fitba' noo... Waste of space ever since he joined Etihad City.
  5. Just knew that was a miss... He telegraphed the penalty.
  6. Uruguay celebrating cheating as usual. Hated them since 1986... Loved Argentina since 1986.
  7. Suarez is a fuckin' cheating wee twat... The 3rd bastard child of Freddie Mercury and Roland Rat. His two big brothers: Ruud van Nistelrooij and Roy Makaay were greetin' faced twats as well.
  8. Absolutely compelling... This is football.
  9. I just knew it would be Dynamo v Rubin.
  10. I would take Shamrock Rovers. On a side note: Nacer Barazite scored two goals for Austria Wien tonight.
  11. It is now 3-in-a-row... This is what happens when you do NOT surrender.
  12. B7 EDIT: Just have to tune into your post again Junior... It really is quality. EDIT2: Shit I need to edit again... No, I don't have a tattoo. No I am not admin on FF. No I don't claim to be an uber-fan. And... NO... I never had to watch Lennon lifting the title. Do you feel stupid yet? I am guessing you don't...
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