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  1. Martina getting stuck right into the old twit. http://www.smh.com.au/sport/tennis/an-open-letter-from-martina-navratilova-to-margaret-court-arena-20170601-gwhuyx.html Anyone for the Evonne Goolagong Arena?
  2. Spot on, mate. I needs to be said again and again until people get past their denial and cognitive dissonance. The politicians, the Catholic church, the banksters, the CPS and the royal families are all involved in committing some kind of twisted prima nocta on the most vulnerable children in society... And, when another cover-up is needed, sometimes it becomes murder too. Savile was given a free reign to do what ever the fuck he wanted because they knew he was crazy enough to bring them all down with him, if anything ever happened to him. Same reason most of these politician beasts
  3. Wonder how many know that they actually got their signature chant from The Pirates of Penzance...?!
  4. If Nadal gets to the final tomorrow that will be a 30-yr-old joining two 35-yr-olds and a 36-yr-old in both finals. Has that ever happened before? All finalists being over 30? Like ever? If it has then I am guessing perhaps Jimmy Connors would have been in about it. Edit: Agassi won it at 33. I think Connors just seemed older than he was.
  5. Federer in the mens final. The Williams playing each other in the ladies. Get Nadal in there for the Golden Oldie Nostalgia-Fest that is Australia 2009 2017.
  6. Getting your knob chopped off for voicing an opinion? That's barbaric.
  7. It's a piece of scheisse, in all honesty. It's like us contesting a derby with Berwick. Drive along the Autobahn from Gelsenkirchen to Dortmund and the graffiti along the way will tell you what a real derby is.
  8. BVB play the Ruhr derby against Schalke and Mönchengladbach and FC Köln contest the Rhein derby.
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