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  1. Annan game on TV?

    Everyone in Cumbernauld will be turning up when the Gers roll into town. I like Broadwood, nice wee stadium plus its a 5 minute drive from me!
  2. Annan game on TV?

    Hampden aside, every away game will be hard to get tickets for imo. I have no idea whether RTV screen our away games, cant help with that one, sorry.
  3. Annan game on TV?

    Its a Saturday game at 3pm mate, won't be on TV.
  4. Should Ally ban media hacks now?

    Calling up an MK Dons player despite overlooking SPL players in an SFL3 side was the final straw for me. I'm not wanting to come accross as bitter but I will be hoping for a Serbia win on Saturday, preferably with Ivanovic scoring anytime as thats where my money is going. Levein was a prick as a club manager and he's even worse now. Look forward to seeing Jelavic destroy them too whenever they play Croatia.
  5. Name a Bad Rangers Goalie

    Although Maxwell was decent with Motherwell I would agree he was pretty dire with us, especially with that howler when Brewster scored against us in the Cup Final. In fact, I think it was Chrsitian Dailly that set Brewster up!
  6. Motherwell game live on BBC 7.15pm KO

    I can leave at 6:15pm and still make it. Can see the problem it causes others though that have to use the motorways. Shite time and for no valid reason it would seem? Is 7:15pm a common time or sumthin for these games?
  7. Scottish national team playing this weekend.

    Vowed never to go back to Hampden after that shambolic qualification campaign with the Czechs. I say this after every qualification campaign right enough but recent events certainly mean I won't go back there. Levein is a bitter wee bastard who is still hurting from the game at Ibrox when Dundee Utd were badly treated by Mike McCurry. Saying he wont pick Rangers players cause we are in 3rd division is pathetic - he knows we are a third division club with SPL players. To not pick Rangers players then call up an MK Dons defender is embarassing. Fuck him and fuck the national team.
  8. Purple strip

  9. Purple strip

    We've had some outrageous keeper tops in my time. Remember the bright one with Ibrox on the front? Snelders wore it. Then there were two similar designed ones from McEwans Lager day - One blue and the other bright yellow/orange - I remember Niemi in it. I've only ever had 2 - The red McEwans Lager one that Goram and Ally Maxwell wore and that one with the yellowy and purple squares that Germany used too, always remember Bodo Illgner wearing it at the World Cup and thinking what he was doing with the Gers top on, mustve been an adidas thing.
  10. Motherwell sound confident

    They havent beat us since Boxing Day 2002.
  11. Mhawkits attendance

    What the fuck have I just read? An excerpt from the diary of a schizophrenic I think.
  12. tactically inept?

    Its the same as last season 2bh. I dont know exactly what portion of the blame he can take, players seem to think they can just turn up away from home and win. Yesterday for example Berwick players would have been well motivated thinking "Rangers coming to town and we're on TV" whereas it looked like we thought, "fuck sake, berwick at noon on a Sunday". Our players attitude has to change and that's down to Ally. He should become more like Alex Ferguson - I get the impression he is pals with none of his players. Not suggesting he turns into Hitler but he needs to boot some arses big time otherwise Green will have a decision to make. This idea away from home of "Every game is a cup game" cannot be used all the time. Peterhead and Berwick came close to beating us, we need players willing to roll up their sleeves and fight for 90 minutes like these part timers seem capable of doing. There is still time for Ally to get things right, early days yet with a new team blending with youth.
  13. Rangers Bars In Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico

    Thats the only one I remember. Couldnt find it last year cause it had moved from beneath the centre. Go out to the main road and walk along and you cant miss it. Bookies inside too now.
  14. Rangers Chat

    Is it not Limmy that does it?