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  1. Daily Record pick and choose what to “quote”, and Goat calls our players CUNTS. Nice fucking priorities.
  2. They said they didn’t have anymore time to help with our proposal, as the vote would have to be done by Friday. 28 days now. SPFL /SFA CORRUPT TO THE CORE.
  3. Now that’s just downright nasty. We know he’s a bellend and writes a lot of shite but you leave James alone...........No need for that comparison.
  4. I’ve ignored the newspapers for twenty years. Never bought one and avoid reading any. They are still doing the same shite, so maybe I need to ignore them harder. Maybe I need to go blind and deaf and they might stop printing bad things I shouldn’t look at. I don’t even have a Twitter account, so how are they doing this? I’m ignoring as hard as I can and it still there.......... 🤐 silence is what we need. Don’t answer back and they’ll go away. Honest to fuck!
  5. Eh, don’t tell me what I can and can’t hear. “ Black bastard”, “Orange bastard” and “ H** bastard “ can be clearly heard. Called something....... , What? Tell us what this something is.
  6. “Same with Scott Brown after the celtic Park Old Firm game towards the end of last season. Arms stretched in front of the Rangers fans with a broad smile on his face.” Doesn’t change the fact he’s a fucking lying bastard. Tell the truth? Not in his dna.
  7. Go and find some then. Some one will be willing to punch your lights in. You’re the pussy for posting on here and not finding some to fight with.
  8. The rat bastard Naismith owes Rangers a pair of knees. We as fans, paid for him to recover from serious injuries and he wouldn’t be in the position he is without Rangers,. I want his knees back. They belong to us. Rat bastard.
  9. Opens in a RC app? not a fucking chance.
  10. BBC just said, in three games it’s been 14-0. Then went off to bury his dog........... Hurting badly. 🤣
  11. The replay showed no such thing. What utter nonsense that post is.
  12. Do they get a free goal for playing away at Ibrox?😯 When did this rule come in?
  13. Not just the child’s career mate. Priests sent along with club members to firefight the problems, allegedly. Why? Ex-communication or just expertise ?
  14. Lloris is “keeping” them in this. Should be two or more.
  15. I'm getting to the stage of hatred with mccoist and his constant negativity. I never thought I'd get to this stage with him, but I've had enough! sound OFF!
  16. There are serious criminal allegations and already a conviction, involving a member club of the Scottish Football Association. What have they done? This is the SFA. The governing body of our national sport, yet they have said nothing whatsoever, about what will be the biggest “open secret “ that has been hanging over our game for over 40 years and has finally had a spotlight shone on it. Some people are saying that the same lawyers are acting on behalf of both parties.....
  17. Just stop engaging with him folks. I can’t understand why people reply to him still, after all the crap he deflects and denies. He’s either admin creating controversy or a troll on a Rangers forum, that is tolerated to laugh at.
  18. One transfer window and quite a lot of improvement so far. Let's not get our nickers twisted just yet. Patience is not a virtue we seem to be in abundance of...
  19. ARSEHOLES and BASTARDS. That is what two prominent posters on RM think of Rangers fans.
  20. Need a new one. This one is getting a bit faded. https://www.erskine.org.uk/support-our-work/shop/
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