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  1. I think he'd be an okay signing as long as its short term. Experienced keeper at this level. We could do a lot worse.
  2. How long is Ally's contract???
  3. FFS how can Legia be so stupid?
  4. Big HT change likely again?
  5. Was just about to come in and ask about the sound!
  6. 10-15 pts clear
  7. Bell McGregor Wallace Daly Smith Jig Law Peralta MacLeod Miller Clark
  8. He will stroll it this year and be very solid backup next year. Welcome Darren!
  9. Miller every day of the week
  10. Absolute scumbag.
  11. Can we block the ghuests? Relying on this for updates!
  12. Ally, without a shadow of doubt.
  13. Rangers flags only, please. These aren't international games.