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  1. Is this a sign of what the club is able to attract?
  2. embarrassing More crap acted out in public. After one game FFS, we have lost opening games to the season before.
  3. It was brought up a couple Of months pre end of season. There was a chorus of "we are not experts in state aid, so we can't discuss it". FFS that didn't stop them talking about tax affairs for 2yrs
  4. The private eye reporter mentioned has already talked about it. Good chance he would be interested in a more complete follow up
  5. This is exactly what's happening. I ask the question "If it is found that celtic have received state aid against EU rules who will you blame, Rangers fans or the current custodians of your club?"
  6. I'm sure the private eye chap has written an article about it before. A few months ago
  7. Can't see anything relevant in that link. Can you give a pointer?
  8. Also I saw john mason willing to discuss the subject of London rd school last night with pzj and others. It turned in to a bit of a farce with off topic points being added in and then people rounding on him. Surely if we have the opportunity to have dialogue with an mp/msp willing to discuss these matters we should treat him with respect and at least try to foster a working relationship that could get this highlighted higher up. He seemed willing to do this at one point and I suggested pzj sending him all the info but then the slagging started. I don't really think this kind of attitude helps.
  9. While the case is being looked at, a preliminary investigation, I would highly doubt that any journalist or media outlet will print anything other than just to mention that it is on going. Once the findings are made public we should see all the journalists coming out with stories I may be wrong but that's my thinking.
  10. The Labour Party? That's the only one in Scotland that you can point that finger at. Race, Religion and politics should not come in to this. His view as a Rangers fan is all that counts. And at least he has stepped up and tried to help in a positive way.
  11. He is entitled to have his opinion heard as a Rangers fan.
  12. Lol. Apologies Oleg my point wasn't necessarily directed at you. I do think it was more of a dig at gcc though
  13. It was a comedy sketch!!! However, I think the person who made that up must be a bear. Who would argue that some in gcc would really want this to happen.
  14. The media and bloggers. Crap thrown together presented as fact etc and going unchallenged. Others are taking advantage of situations but we have been one of our own worst enemies as well.
  15. I asked the question, of those in the know, and as of 2 weeks ago CN was still really up for the job and looking forward to coming back to Glasgow. Nothing new to suggest otherwise. Will have to wait and see