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  1. Best post I've seen on here, your take on Peña is spot on, not sure how you managed to create that, Adobe Premiere CC? You can see he has clear ability and look how quick he is as well, I think he'll be dangerous on the counter attack if used against celtic, he has the ability to hurt them especially if they're going to attack a lot.
  2. You're spot on mate, honestly you can see that a mile off, they're not supporters of this club. In fact I caught one of them out on Facebook, he said something very much similar dissing me over Peña saying he's 'fu**ing pish, yet when I checked his profile it shows that he's liked celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs etc. Don't be surprised if the obsessed mob would go that far as to create fake Rangers profiles and disguise themselves here or elsewhere like Follow Follow, they exist.
  3. It's not a case of blowing things out of proportion, it's a case of seeing what I do and he shows he has great potential, there's no question of that, unlike yourself I don't over exaggerate nonsense so your comment is off target with myself, completely wide off target. Then again what do you expect from arseholes like yourself?
  4. What does it mean by every 10 seconds? Sorry I'm not that clued up on how statistics like that work out. Is that referring to 10 seconds worth of him on the ball accumulated?
  5. I said before the game elsewhere on Facebook that people will place him under the microscope and they well blow everything out of proportion where every little mistake he does they will emphasise it tenfold, it was predictable. I also said don't get your expectations up, too early and Pedro made himself clear, he told you that he's not quite ready yet as he needs to adapt to the Scottish style of game which is far different to the game in Mexico. I said all of that before the game, I even stated that they shouldn't expect anything spectacular and what can I say, how many shots at goal has he had and how many goals does he have? Some people have it in for him, in fact they're the very cancerous type of people who would be sitting moaning about Rangers even if we were winning every single game, cancerous because they give you brain cancer.
  6. Yasssss!! Peña, get in there!!
  7. Rangers to gub them 4-0 and Morelos to bang in a hat trick
  8. For me the likelihood what we are likely to see is: Foderingham Tavernier Cardoso Alves Wallace Candeias Jack Dorrans Windass Miller Morelos It's not what I would personally pick, I think it depends on whether or not Windass is fit and if not we may see John get his debut down the left or Nemane. Up front I would personally like to see Herrera and Morelos start but the likelihood of what we have seen this season thus far tells me it will be Miller up front. Chances are Peña will be subbed on, John will also be subbed on but it all depends what the scoreline will be. Likelihood again is that Herrera will no doubt be the substitution and therefore we may see Dorrans substituted as well as Miller for both Herrera and Peña. I'm hopeful Rangers can win comfortably and will go 3-0 Rangers.
  9. If I could ignore their political affiliations, but I feel there's a wee bit of an exception when it comes to a sympathiser of the IRA, I mean who in the right mind would abuse our club by backing the IRA who celtic supporters praise to the high heavens singing death of British soldiers and then turn up at Ibrox. It's like the boy in the opening post picture where he's practically got his lips on the backside of a celtic supporter and I'm thinking "right, each to their own, but cringe! I would never do such a thing as that." It tells me he's self-loathing.
  10. They're both the same band pal, they're collectivists, the IRA are a bunch of commies who were crying out for their totalitarian bull and I remember a sympathiser of ISIS coming out with the reason why he hates Britain and he said it was because of capitalism. Britain isn't even capitalist today but with that being said it was clear what he was saying, a filthy rabid Marxist and the 2 go hand in hand with each other. It's the fact they support these separatist movements under the banner of socialism, look at how they fly banners of James Connolly, they're Marxists, they're a danger to humanity.
  11. I don't fault you mate, the amount of pish I put up with alone with all the death threats was enough for me to give me the bitter taste of Scottish Nationalism because what Scottish Nationalism is is basically National Socialism, no two ways about it. This quote sums it up best: “Patriotism is the wholesome, constructive love of one’s land and people. Nationalism is the unhealthy love of one’s government, accompanied by the aggressive desire to put down others – which becomes in deracinated modern men a substitute for religious faith. Patriotism is an appropriate, indeed necessary, sentiment for people who wish to preserve their freedom; nationalism is not.” ~ Clyde N. Wilson
  12. YES CAMPAIGN: we want more NHS we want more social security we want more welfare statism we want more state pensions we want more European Union Soviet Socialist Republic NO CAMPAIGN: we want more NHS we want more social security we want more welfare statism we want more state pensions we want more European Union Soviet Socialist Republic Even then on both ends where a certain number did not support the EUSSR it was the same arguments on both ends unfortunately, but my heart swayed with the no vote because there were more people down south who understand the value of the free market, it was an easy choice. I don't care however when it comes to Rangers who supports our club.
  13. This is why I'm a staunch Libertarian and defender of Individualism; live and let live. I stand strongly opposed to some set group of people trying to dictate my life and it was all too evident on both the yes and no campaigns, rancid with collectivists on both ends.
  14. Religion and politics should not come into question when it comes to supporting Rangers in my honest opinion, so long as anyone truly supports Rangers that is all that matters to me. Like the boy in the boy in the picture from the opening post if he wishes to throw himself under a bus like that, that's his prerogative, but you won't find me doing that.
  15. I do not forgive or forget the abuse and death threats I received for simply defending my position in voting no and the reason I voted no was simply because the amount of hatred people in this country had towards Margaret Thatcher sent the alarm bells ringing. They hated her for the claims of deregulation and privatisation, she didn't deregulate but that's besides the point, the fact they hate deregulation was enough for me to vote no because they unfortunately do not understand the fundamental basics of economics. They are the type of people who are so blind they don't even realise that the FSA (Financial Services Authority) controlled the UK banking regulations between 2001 and 2012 and the FSA handbook was more than 10,500 pages long in regulations, in other words completely clueless as to why the banking crisis occurred. So their support in favour of strong government regulation was an immediate alarm bell to me and their hatred of the private sector was enough for me to vote no. All I was hearing was about Norway this, Norway that, Norway this, that and the next thing, little do these Scottish nationalists comprehend the majority of the Scandinavian countries all have strong free market principles and therefore strong private sectors, sure they may have the higher tax rates and big welfare states but that was harming their economies just as it is harming Norway. But despite the facts, reason and logic I provided I was getting nothing other than abuse and death threats. So to be quite frank, I don't show the same level of pride in Scotland as I used to simply because it is incredible how misinformed Scotland has become when it comes to economics and the political history and that is to blame on not just the mainstream media but of course the Scottish government. That's what happens when you place education into the hands of the state and give it a monopoly over the information it feeds people with.
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