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  1. RangersScotty9

    Alves press conference

    I don't doubt it, in fact, celtic could potentially lose away to Aberdeen giving us a chance to close the gap to just 3 points behind celtic. I predict celtic will draw away to Aberdeen however and Motherwell, that's a potential 4 points we need to take advantage of thus the reason a run of results is so important to us.
  2. RangersScotty9

    9 in a Row.

    I grew up in the 9 in a row era, born in '84 and the greatest Rangers team I ever saw was in '98, dominated Bayern home and away, they needed to cheat Rangers out of 2 points to stop us from going through. That might shock some folk me saying that, then again our 9 in a row side were tremendous, Laudrup was easily the best player we've ever seen, what I'd give to see a player like that at Ibrox again. You can't sum up how good all those players were.
  3. RangersScotty9

    How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    Simple, because not every individual is the same, what you like is not the same as what other people like.
  4. RangersScotty9

    How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    Some people are just not really that interested in sport, I don't see the problem with that, it's just whatever they prefer. I know someone who is heavily into politics, economics and stuff like technology, results in the stock market to him are like results for us at Ibrox and fair play to him for that.
  5. RangersScotty9

    Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    I don't think it matters.
  6. RangersScotty9

    Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    Love Fabio, honestly do. Fabio loves Rangers and he loves the support, in fact he commented on that on his Instagram earlier about the support saying that our support is out of this world. Wait till he hears Ibrox in the old firm game. Overall Fabio's been superb, sure he has had his off moments but it's beyond me as they ignore all his important one's. The boy is only 23 he's going to grow and learn from big Bruno.
  7. RangersScotty9


    Best post I've seen on here, your take on Peña is spot on, not sure how you managed to create that, Adobe Premiere CC? You can see he has clear ability and look how quick he is as well, I think he'll be dangerous on the counter attack if used against celtic, he has the ability to hurt them especially if they're going to attack a lot.
  8. RangersScotty9


    You're spot on mate, honestly you can see that a mile off, they're not supporters of this club. In fact I caught one of them out on Facebook, he said something very much similar dissing me over Peña saying he's 'fu**ing pish, yet when I checked his profile it shows that he's liked celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs etc. Don't be surprised if the obsessed mob would go that far as to create fake Rangers profiles and disguise themselves here or elsewhere like Follow Follow, they exist.
  9. RangersScotty9


    It's not a case of blowing things out of proportion, it's a case of seeing what I do and he shows he has great potential, there's no question of that, unlike yourself I don't over exaggerate nonsense so your comment is off target with myself, completely wide off target. Then again what do you expect from arseholes like yourself?
  10. RangersScotty9

    Our Declan

    I've been really impressed with him in both games, the tackle he put in in his first game coming on for Wallace was superb, his runs forward and crosses into the box are a real danger. I couldn't help but feel so frustrated in fact the amount of superb balls he put in along the goal mouth crying out for someone to just pounce on the end of it to score. Surely it's only a matter of time our players feed on that and gel to understand those opportunities, had they got on the end of one of them we could've been 2-0 up.
  11. RangersScotty9


    What does it mean by every 10 seconds? Sorry I'm not that clued up on how statistics like that work out. Is that referring to 10 seconds worth of him on the ball accumulated?
  12. RangersScotty9


    I said before the game elsewhere on Facebook that people will place him under the microscope and they well blow everything out of proportion where every little mistake he does they will emphasise it tenfold, it was predictable. I also said don't get your expectations up, too early and Pedro made himself clear, he told you that he's not quite ready yet as he needs to adapt to the Scottish style of game which is far different to the game in Mexico. I said all of that before the game, I even stated that they shouldn't expect anything spectacular and what can I say, how many shots at goal has he had and how many goals does he have? Some people have it in for him, in fact they're the very cancerous type of people who would be sitting moaning about Rangers even if we were winning every single game, cancerous because they give you brain cancer.
  13. RangersScotty9

    FT scores and the table

    I think you misunderstood, we're too good for it, we'll finish either 1st or 2nd. Right now too early to tell whether Rangers can get a run going to challenge celtic so likely 2nd.
  14. RangersScotty9

    FT scores and the table

    Oh I know there would be no arguments, you couldn't do it if you tried lol
  15. RangersScotty9

    FT scores and the table

    We're no where near top 4, in fact if anything over the course of this season Rangers will pull further and further away from Hibs, likewise same with Motherwell, as for Aberdeen, well drawing 1-1 at home against Kilmarnock is hardly convincing, they're going to drop a lot more, in fact I see Motherwell beating them next week so Rangers need to exploit that.