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  1. I was introduced to watching cricket way back when the West Indies were a real force in cricket and had some wonderful players with both the bat and the bowling was frightening to watch..This current team are an embarrassment and it hurts me to see and listen to the wonderful Micheal Holding on Sky you can see how much he is hurting and how exasperated he is. It seems the whole set up needs to be given a clear out and get back to basics..Perhaps it's too much to say a Scotland team would have given England a better game but a good County team would have put on a better show..Sad times indeed..
  2. It's all about opinions..Like arseholes..Everybody has one..
  3. Perhaps Pedro owed the Mexican Tax Man a few quid and this was how he paid it off..???
  4. Out of the 4 who left..Only Garner seemed to be actually trying a leg and he out of the 4 was the only one I might have kept..Fuck the 4 of them though..They weren't big or good enough for Rangers..Some players can do it and unfortunately we ain't seen players capable of handling that for more years than I care to think about..Current squad included..
  5. I am far too optimistic for my own good sometimes..Reality is we look set for mid table mediocrity..
  6. We are pish..but will win 2-0..
  7. I will be available to do any remedial repair work as and when required..putting up covers will not stop any so called alleged leaks or water ingress..the SLO can PM me anytime and I'm sure we can get a squad together to fix the panels that require it.. It's an eyesore right now and we could fix that and get it sorted with the proper expert advice... I have no doubt they cannot track down the company or MD of the team that did the job..big chancer fucked off to Iraq in 95/96 as he had huge debts unpaid here in the UK..bawbag owed me over £500 when he bolted.. It annoys me personally to see a job I put so much into being covered up..repoint the panels in the close season and re-mastic all the metal frame edges..get these covers to fuck..
  8. Outstanding contribution. Take a bow Sir. Streams were a fucking joke..this has been tip top so far..
  9. A big friend of mine has asked me to get us 2 tickets for the Dundee game at home on the 9th of September as it will be the last Home game I will be able to attend before moving down to Nottingham.(It is his treat to me as a parting gift)...I usually get our tickets online but as yet they are not available.(anyone know when they will be available..??).This is me taking a wee chance that a good Bear might be able to help us out and my big mate is an impatient big bugger..who can't understand that we can't just book them right now.. Obviously looking for 2 together..Thanks in advance..
  10. I will imagine that King like Murray before him only wants us to pay our money and come to Ibrox..sit down and clap politely as doing that will build bridges.. The Enclosure's should be standing..end of..I don't see it happening any time soon though..
  11. Hammers and Newcastle look utter pish.. Fucking attack them West Ham
  12. Even the phrase "seeking clarification " sounds far too taigy for my liking...
  13. Because Jose spends money on fucking duds..
  14. As the statement points out..that's exactly what the wee cunt wants..
  15. It's 3 points more than what the Champions got from today.....I would play Sane every week...Danilo kept coming inside..But happy enough with what could have been a dodgy away game..Controlled it but need to turn the domination of possession into Goals.. How pissed off does Conte look..??...That is one unhappy man..Will he even see Christmas in London..??..
  16. The cnuts CNUT..
  17. Morelos is going to score goals for fun this Season....20 before Christmas..
  18. Good luck to the wee guy..My only question is who is the player "Candy-Ass"..he was mentioning..???
  19. Whatever XI Pedro starts with on Saturday they only need to know and do 2 things. The h.I.v's will be up for it as they are managed by a hateful bigot..we need to match and better the intensity. And thirdly...smash the cunts.. "GET FUCKIN INTAE THEM RANGERS" Wee bit of skill and silky soccer as well lads
  20. I don't know what I love more...the continued paranoid insanity that consumes the moonhowlers that shows no sign of Recovery or the lovely steak bake half time treats that Dunfermline hopefully still sell... Regarding the actual game in question that is under the spotlight of one particular fruit loop obsessive...I can remember the tension and just how fast my heart was going that day and the panic attack that I nearly took just before wee Arteta took the penalty...if as is being peddled by one very unwell excuse for a human being the Truth then it makes me sad. Thank fuck it's so far removed from the Truth that only a hate filled cunt would or could come up with it..The 2 Jimmy's done us a solid and the sooner we recognise this the better..
  21. 2 points better off than last season's opener...That will do for starters...
  22. No danger of that happening my friend..Angie baby is up here on Friday for some Hot Tub Sexy Cuddle ACTION..You can have that wee squeaky voiced loser scouser..
  23. Probably best to keep conversation to a minimum though..
  24. How is she getting on..???...