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  1. Let's hope that Linfield win damages against the liars and this sort of journalism cannot be allowed to exist.
  2. Nice to see the board of LInfield exposing the LIES, and I am sure a full public apology and printed withdrawal will be forthcoming post haste..
  3. F1

    So on a race track it is not the drivers responsibility to avoid crashing...???...
  4. F1

    If you or I run up the arse of someone..guess who is at fault..???..I am no fan of Hamilton..but Vettel is a bawbag..wrong in both incidents and the road rage bit should see his result today removed..and banned from the next Grand Prix..won't happen though..nothing will..
  5. F1

    It defies belief that there is no one in F1 with the balls to approach Vettel during the red flag stoppage and just say.."Excuse me young man..Just park your car in your garage..you are finished for today". He runs up the arse of his rival then road rages into the side of him and any punishment after the race is pitiful to say the least. Must be the fact he is a Ferrari driver..Does what he wants.. Shame for Stroll and well done to Riccardo for climbing thru the field..
  6. I enjoyed that..Need to phone wee Alex to thank her..Anybody got her number..That pays for my haircut and vape oils that I got in Ilkeston this morning.. Awwal less of this Stewards Inquiry pish..
  7. The tidy wee bird Alex Hammond tipped The Tin Man..So I stuck a wee £5 on it..
  8. Spoke to him a few years ago in the Forge Market he had a stall selling replica football jerseys...Did he not get his collar felt for them being a wee bit dodgy..??. Best game I saw him play was the 2nd Leg v Inter Milan when for a spell it looked like we could overturn a 3 nil deficit..Seemed a miserable guy when I spoke to him..and his replica tops were in hindsight pretty pish...
  9. They are a formidable and hugely talented side..If the Lions keep it close I will be happy..Feared a proper going over tbh..Indeed it still might happen..
  10. Not able to watch..How are things going..??
  11. Surely they won't email us the mora saying try again on Sunday when the tickets should have went on sale???.
  12. CF4 Row F..???..
  13. Shouldn't be too hard to spot him in Ibiza at the end of August.....Exchange Cup Final stories with him...
  14. Just bought 2 for the front of the Copland..Buzzing..Just 9 days til we see if this is the start of something wonderful...Glad I popped into here to see that tickets were up for grabs. Might be a sell out by the time Sunday comes..
  15. Just ban the prick and we will all LIKE you...
  16. This whole site needs fumigated..It has been infiltrated by "sleeper" nationalist left wing tarrier fucks who are now coming out with all sorts of utter pish...
  17. I was going to give you a LIKE for posting the news, Then you come out with this negative tosh..You should get them removed for not being 100% positive that this boy is going to smash 30+ goals for us this Season and lead us on a fantastic adventure..
  18. Away fans will be banned and they will blame Linfield for that...
  19. Soon as I saw that David Ellery was involved in realised it's just an old guy getting money to come up with utter pish ideas that better get voted down at the next IFAB meeting.. Best just to nod and say.."yes David..good idea David"...poor Ole bugger wants to feel relevant and most if not all of these stupid ideas won't be implemented...nice work if you can get it though..
  20. I wish it had been different and he had scored 30+ goals and it was bid of 20m that saw him leave us..but apart from all too rare flashes it just didn't work out. Commitment and effort was always spot on though. Good luck and thanks Joe...
  21. Is Mcilroy really the player he has been hyped to be..??..Or just a flash in the pan average player who was just better than the rest for just a short period of time..??..
  22. You're not wrong..Over £160 million in debt, and I think he has been very clever in knocking them back..It is a basket case of a Club..Plus he would have been told that he was getting less wages than Bain..
  23. I have to be honest here..I was hoping you were wrong..This is a circus sideshow set up to make 2 very rich guys LOAD$ of DOLLOR$..I for one won't be tuning in, But would watch the highlights if they both end up sparked out...
  24. Some lovely skill in the build up to the 3rd...Yasss...Some right ugly munters wearing green and grey hoops...Has to be the genes..