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  1. I have been informed that I have a ticket for Saturday..East Enclosure..
  2. Wish Pep had stuck the heid on that boring cunt jose at the end there..Turgid boring football...
  3. Ah ya bastard..I had the jersey over the heid and everything there..
  4. Time for JESUS pep...
  5. Jose using the craig levein formation tonight. I do fear that the boring rhag cunts might nick it if City don't get the goals their play deserves..mibee a dodgy penalty award
  6. You could be right..I just don't like selby..boring cunt..
  7. 34 mins in and not one rhag player has made any more than 15 passes..Tells us it's 2 parked buses tonight from Jose..C'mon CITY...
  8. I like WH a great deal. My Grandad loved him dearly. He gives the mahnkies way too much credit in his comments. I still feel that a team of players showing 100% COMMITMENT and EFFORT would and could have got something from Sunday. The £50 mil quote does seem like a dig at King and it's not before time that he gets dug up about his lack of real investment. Give Pedro £15 mil and if the Squad gel and apply themselves we could indeed put up a better fight. I think that Pedro may have already told some of the players that they won't be part of his plans going forward as that might explain the total lack of effort that we had to endure on Sunday..
  9. How many League Titles will it be for The Weavers when they wrap it up with a victory away to the mhanky cliftonville this weekend..??..
  10. I wouldn't defend some of the line up selections that Pep has made this season..Baffling to say the least. I did post earlier on and on previous posts here and on the English Football Thread that BIG decisions have not gone the way for City this Season. Pep will be judged on who leaves and who he brings in at the summer. No trophy in his 1st full season is not a success in any way. But I am optimistic that with a better squad and some parity in the officials calls that next season can and should be a glorious one for City..
  11. Certainly seems like it..Sad nae life wee cunt
  12. sniff sniff..away and lie in your own pish..
  13. Fuck right off..Grunting smug cunt..
  14. My last running bet of £2 is on City to win with penalties @12/1. Need to go out for a stroll to the park with Angie and the kids to help the massive chicken dinner we just had go down..Will take my phone with me..C'MON CITY..
  15. I came into the thread to post something very similar. Pity the ref having to put up with both sets of players tonight...
  16. Bastard..
  17. Beating them next week for me is utterly pointless..If we couldn't have a team fired up and ready for what was a vital game today..Then anything we do next week is imho a fucking waste of time in what is a dead rubber kickabout..
  18. The decisions that have NOT gone for City in the League and now those 2 in the 1st half here are extremely suspect. Pep has kept fairly quiet about it..I think if City somehow lose this one today he might let rip, and cue the English media claiming sour grapes..Stonewall penalty and a perfectly good goal should have City on easy street here...
  19. City have started like this so many times this season. Look in total control but don't score..then go one down..Hope I am wrong with that last bit..
  20. If Captain Vinny is fit then he might help Stones...But your not wrong...
  21. You will loose the bet when City beat Arsenal the mora
  22. That seems like it will be a "Milk Cup" like tournament..Only instead of being in Ulster it's in Nuneaton!!??