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  1. Just caught the news about the new T20 competition the ECB are to announce tomorrow..Initial reaction is BOOOO..Might change my mind when I can digest the finer details of the Competition..But slightly suspect that the ECB have already warned the Counties NOT to comment..??..
  2. I am surprised you didn't go for Slovenia..
  3. The Ulstermen are more than holding their own v Norway..1 up . I am on here to get the news of Slovenia scoring...Until 9pm then it's Depeche Mode..Yesss..2 nil for The Ulstermen now..
  4. Why not see if you can get a wee bit of A2M in instead of watching the taig 10..??..
  5. 0-3 Win for Slovenia will suit me lovely...It's the Ulstermen I will be watching..
  6. I hope this is more tarrier FAKE NEWS..
  7. That undercard fight went on far too long..Ref or the boys Trainer should have stopped it..He took a battering..
  8. If you don't complete that outfit with some Brown Brogues then you're not a Real RANGERS man..
  9. It fucking better be..Those cunts couldn't possibly get away with it.
  10. Did the ref book Coleman for diving..??? Seriously I hope the boy makes a full Recovery..
  11. One thing we can guarantee from DK is plenty of Words..I wish someone would ask him for ACTION..That is how I judge people today..Spouting your opinion on everything and nothing will not put better players on the pitch nor will it con the Supporters into buying as many Season Tickets as we did last Summer.. Step Up And Play..But produce the Pounds NOT the Pennies..
  12. I can't believe it was 22 Years ago we lost Davie. I was working on a glass block's job at a fire station in Leicester and it was the site agent who came to me and gently told me that Davie had died..I couldn't believe it..He invited me down to the site office..Sat me down and asked me if I wanted to phone home..I was still dazed/confused and just not taking it in..He then explained that he had noticed that everyday I wore a Rangers top or t-shirt and had a big RFC on the side of my hard hat and that I should perhaps phone home to get the news..When my Dad answered the phone in tears it was the dreaded confirmation that one of Rangers best players and one of my heroes had indeed sadly left us... My own tears began to flow and the site agent who was a Leicester fan began to ask me about Davie and we spent a hour chatting. My own boss who was a Spurs fan let us all down tools and I got pished..Made my way up to Ibrox to add my scarf to the Shrine on the gates as soon as I could. I was deeply affected by this Legend's passing for a good while afterwards. God Bless Davie Cooper..
  13. But not surprising in any way shape or form..
  14. Just what the fuck is the SoS academy..???..Is he training and brainwashing the young Rangers support into being as much of a self seeking leech/snake as he is..?? Shudder went thru me when I read that..
  15. Shocked at the weather in Manchester..It's usually sunny as well..Might make the difference with a potential slip leading to a goal..
  16. He will be monitoring and screen grabbing and getting grasses to let him know who is being naughty or nice to him...Self serving tube.. Thanks for all your efforts D'art..and also well done to the 2 ladies who have shown Integrity and Principles that CH wouldn't recognise unless it was slapped onto his massive forehead..
  17. Whatever happens in the summer will happen in the summer. For the here and now lets see if Pedro can coach ALL our players to get 2nd place and win the Scottish Cup. Tav and a few others have been poor for quite a while. If the money from Forest or any other Club comes our way then its Thank you and goodbye..
  18. Well that will mean that Rangers can get one as well then..When we win The Scottish Cup..
  19. I nearly fell off my couch when I heard that no mark assistant of Brenda's say on stv sport that the scums "Domestic run is the BEST in the World of football EVER!!"..Fucking hell..He didn't even blink when he said it either..Roll on the Cup Semi and we can put these uppity cunts in their place..
  20. This fucking fraud will be back talking pish in the CITY soon enough..Might be that talking utter bollocks and being delusional is how to make MONEY in the Financial Sector these days..He will make a fucking fortune because he is halfway wired to the fucking moon..
  21. 1 minute into the 2nd half and he pulls up with a hamstring injury...and straight up the tunnel.....money for fuck all he is stealing..good enough for the Rhags..
  22. Your spot on..I couldn't believe he didn't start with Yaya in the middle of the park..Even Fernando might have provided a bit of protection for a very fragile back 4..But as you posted he will need to purchase better defensive players and rebuild for next season..