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  1. Strangely enough probably most who will greet and moan will be those coming in here begging for a "cough"....they did it when the game was on Sky or BT. When RTV had exclusive rights and you would be giving your cash straight to the club we had posters looking for a free link.
  2. Now it will be 20 pages of folk moaning they can't watch the games on their tv's. FFS. I just removed myself permanently from that George Lloyd thread due to absolute fucking trumpets. Might have to apply the same to the BD.
  3. Ooft Killie at home and after trying twice to get in pished I sampled that view. 2001 I'm sure. Not the best. Let out of the Helen Street Hilton at 11pm and when I got home I had got my Correct Score Double up. Got my phone call on the Monday from Ibrox Security to ask why I was removed. Made up some excuse about a bad pint reacting with my made up medication. Didn't even get a fine after all the dust settled.
  4. https://ranked-list-images.files.bbci.co.uk/world-Test-xi-be3de4cb9541f5869fb1a6039ce1e63a.html
  5. Shows up how the Taigs used a Pandemic to gain a trophy rather than risk losing it on the pitch. Shocking how they have corrupted the game to such an extent that no one will even call them on it. If anyone says it publicly they will be rounded on and hounded for daring to mention integrity and fairness. Fucking joke.
  6. Aye just checked that on my mobile. These 24 hour shifts are fucking murder. Just one more to do on Saturday then I've only got two to do in June. Fucked.
  7. Not watching it...but Dortmund need Sancho and Reyna on soon.
  8. Pep being extra safe. https://amp.mancity.com/citytv/mens/pep-guardiola-63726011
  9. I genuinely had hope that the boy Maxwell would prove his worth and be ensuring fairness in Scottish football. His weak willed capitulation and his woefully poor behaviour is utterly pathetic tbh. Provan is a prick but he certainly sums it up pretty well. Obviously ignoring the elephant that is liewell controlling all for the benefit of just one club.
  10. It's just fascinating how the Glazers structured their takeover and yet Uefa and the FA just seem to accept it. I see the Rags are going sue the makers of Football Manager for copyright infringement. Doubt they will get the £420+ million they need to wipe out the debt though.
  11. Bet it chilled you right out. A mate sent it to me weeks ago. Creepy bastard but a pretty cool wee tune.
  12. I'm posting this as it's weirder and stranger and doesn't belong in the BD. So hopefully this gets it moved elsewhere.
  13. I'm progressing nicely in my Cricket 19 Career. Now the England captain and still unbeaten. Took my young team to Australia and won 1-4 to bring the Ashes back home. 🏏🇬🇧
  14. I was building glass block panels in a Warner Brothers cinema in East Finchley when this tournament was on. Really got caught up in all the excitement and watching the running battles with the pissed up England fans and the police after England lost on penalties to the Germans was hilarious.
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