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  1. Seemed to take the foot off when they went 2 nil up..They need to stop giving the bloody ball away..
  2. And uefa see nothing worth investigating..???..Not that they hand out any real punishments..Unless it's for Rangers fans singing songs..
  3. City are fucking good to watch..
  4. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    I grow up and fell in love with the game watching Marino and Montana and he is in that sort of bracket, I really hope he is back soon and they can start to get an offensive line that protect him more than they have this season..
  5. Butcher's Son.

    Did I imagine that we had a thread on this this morning..??..Don't mean to be disrespectful..
  6. Millers Agent

    It might be in his book..??..But will probably get a ghost writer to do it....Then claim he was misquoted...
  7. Was it with a big knife in the back..??..That would be karma..Big Sam will be favourite for this one surely..
  8. Bear Andrew Gray

    Just looked through my emails there and seen the sad news RIP to a Big Bear..Thoughts are with the Family..
  9. Butcher's Son.

    Sad news for the Butcher family and tragic that the lad didn't manage to find a way out of the dark place he was in...
  10. Kevin Cadle has sadly passed away

    Sad news. Big guy was a font of knowledge with his NFL stuff...wasnt aware of his connection with Rangers.. RIP Big Kev...
  11. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    I am stunned at the comeback win for my Dolphins away to Atlanta..
  12. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Wishing the G.O.A.T Rodgers a speedy recovery from his broken collarbone..
  13. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Aye but can Del boy dance like this...??
  14. The funniest thing about the vids is the song at the beginning..
  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    And the banner looks like a taig gallery..They are the gift that keeps on giving..Arseholes..
  16. Balon Dor in the lads future imho..
  17. Liverpool v Man Utd

    The only team of Entertainers in England are Man City..
  18. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    As big Marvin would say..BELIEVE
  19. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    ..i put a wee fiver on City to win 4-0 And Angies wee boy waited outside the bookies and when I explained the bet and how much I would get back..he said "why not go for 10 zero??"..City 3 nil up in 30 mins...
  20. Get a cracking link for the City v stoke game and the commentators are Crocker and andy fucking walker..straight onto mute..picture only..then Sane missed a sitter..
  21. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Hopefully LOVELY JUBBLY for you Garcon..
  22. Liverpool v Man Utd

    Oh no..he is a tactical genius..
  23. Liverpool v Man Utd

    Well that's one of the games ticked off..probably should've put a 10 spot on the 0-0..
  24. Liverpool v Man Utd

    *****QUOTE OF THE WEEK*****