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  1. Yasssss I miss posting yassss when we score, hence the above yassss. Hagi being a Rangers player is definitely yassss worthy imo
  2. Great to see this again, nice one. Blown away by that touch and finish by Morelos all over again, just sublime. I also took a screenshot of Davis' face in the postmatch interview at the time, the man is beaming!
  3. Same mate, he shows a lot of promise. Already given us some great moments
  4. Brian. The man has an aura of holy perfection around him
  5. Imagining it will be simple and classy going by their current gear. Definitely more excited to see something from a fresh brand than I have been for anyone else.
  6. 5 stars on the sleeve there.
  7. Same for me mate, this is the era where Rangers became all-important. My first ever kit was the red and white quarters away top, wore that every day for ages
  8. Hard to argue with the simple look, big proud badge.
  9. I dunno, the plain ones are great of course but a lot of the classic 90s kits had patterns using different shades of blue and they were pretty iconic.
  10. Where did you find this pdf?
  11. Castore made him a pretty sleek wheelchair
  12. I see top tenniser Andy Murphy is sponsored by Castore.
  13. Also Scott Brown and Diouf are still firm friends to this day. That's probably down to how nice a man Diouf is tbh
  14. Seeing a Colombian wearing that sort of mask, has to be cocaine production.
  15. If you're replying to my OP, I wouldn't want it changed either
  16. Based this on Everton's current home shirt
  17. Not sure if Umbro is happening but I based this on Everton's current home kit.
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