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  1. If you are a Ranger, after the 48hrs we've endured, spouting tarrier propaganda wouldn't even enter into your mind. We were shite, the crowd had nothing to do with it. For some, the jersey hangs heavy and heavier still when things get tough. Goldson isn't interested. Tav is living off the armband. Lundstram is hit or miss. Take your pick, there's a wide range of criticisms but crowd pressure is quite simply a tarrier crutch.
  2. I know every cunt was pish but imo, if Goldson won't sign a new contract, I'd bench him as soon as we have options allowing us to do so.
  3. Aye but if Goldson was hands off, he would have never had the opportunity to dive like the cunt he is.
  4. Both hands on his back making it look like a shove. Idiotic in that area.
  5. I know mate but would he have if he didn't hear the whistle? Incompetent refs galore up here.
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