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  1. Ach well, frustrating as fuck but we can't win every single game. Hopefully this is a wee boot up the arse and reminder there's still a job to be done.
  2. Probably being a mongo here but I think 2 games a week suited us better, no time to think, just win after win. Now they've got a week to ponder the situation and the nerves set in.
  3. Same, was screaming for the death penalty then saw the replay and was like "aye, I'll just sit back doon"
  4. Nae cunt has the baws to hit a fucking dig from outside jesus fuck man.
  5. Mon Rangers, fucking leather these bastards. 👏👏👏
  6. Every cross we have nobody on the pen spot, all wide in the box.
  7. Here btw, how many shots we had cleared off the line this season ffs? Seems like a fucking lot.
  8. We're not putting them under any pressure in their own half when they have the ball, no pressing or harrying.
  9. Wish to fuck we had a mid who likes a shot from distance, it's the most prominent thing missing from our play imo.
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