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  1. It does go a bit far in here sometimes BUT I much prefer the more 'liberal' approach by admin on RM to the North Korean style of admin applied on FF where all posts/threads which don't follow the party line are removed, life time bans are dished out like confetti and mention of other RANGERS foorums [Vanguard Bear] is treated with such contempt that it appears as ********, identical to the way Celtic appears.
  2. How do people know that 'Fury' is reading this thread? Am I missing something?
  3. Firstly, thanks to admin for not locking the thread and to everyone who has posted in what has turned out to be a good discussion. I didn't know about Chris 'bad-mouthing' Rangers Media, and so I obviously don't know exactly what he said and when he said it, BUT as an earlier poster said 'If he doesn't like it here, why does he keep popping back in?". By the same token, I also agree that no-one, especially a Rangers fan on a Rangers forum should be subjected to the personal abuse he receives, posts about his business failing etc are out of order imho. I am aware of the Jane Lewis twitter debate, she accused him of appearing on BBC after Rangers banned them, he denied it, if he is getting paid [a reasonable amount] to appear on radio/TV to defend Rangers i personally don't have an issue with it. Re: The 'Green' thread this morning...I've not been on here long enough to know many posters by name but this thread [and many others] just seemed to descend into a farce because of the posts of a very small number of posters, although Chris didn't come accross too well with some of his almost 'goading' responses. He did seem to be attempting to wind people up this morning. On a more general note, one of the reasons I prefer RM to FF is that admins on here don't delete every thread/post and ban every member who doesn't follow the party line BUT by the same token this more 'liberal' approach is open to abuse and many good threads in here get hijacked and side tracked, we don't want it to end up like North Korea/FF on here so we have to self-police to a degree and calm down before we go off on a personal rant.
  4. Does he have a problem with Rangers Media because of the personal abuse/attacks he gets on here OR Does he get abuse because he bad mouths the forum/members on twitter/FF? I honestly don't knowhow it all started, I've just noticed [as a newbie on here] that he gets a hard time and I was wondering why exactly. As I said earlier 'if we devoted as much time and energy to attacking the real enemy as we do to bickering amongst ourselves then the club would be in a much better place imho'. To everyone on here that uses abusive terms towards membes of other forums (even FF), bloggers, etc please remember that at the end of the day we are all RANGERS fans who want the best for the club.
  5. @cstamomusa.....what is the wee exchange you have posted about? Can you explain it to me please? What is the story with him being kicked/banned from VB, was that were the 'dislike' of him stems from? I know he is accused of taking payment from BBC, has he denied that yet? But either way, why do we have a problem with it? Also, why are people expecting this thread to be locked?
  6. I'm relatively new on here but one thing I have noticed is a quite surprising level of animosity towards 'Fury'. Why, is he perceived as pro-FF/Dingwall? I read something on a thread about him being kicked out of VB for 'stealing' articles or something like that? I'm not in the know, not a member of any groups/factions so it would be nice for us 'normal' bears to be presented with the 'facts' so we can make our own minds up about him?
  7. That is fucking superb!!! Looks like mini-me will be getting a goalies kit this year, I just need to convince him that Cammy Bell is his new favourite player.
  8. Is that the bridge/place that had the big poppy display projected onto it for Rememberance Sunday last year or the year before?
  9. Is this the same Rangerschat site that some American and Limmy started last year? I remember there being two mad junkies from Greenock called Bob on it, then they all fell out if I remember correctly? From memory it was just drunk/wasted cunts talking total pish.
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