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  1. Exactly. I've suggested before that David Icke would run with this if enough people contacted him. Doesn't matter if people think he's credible enough or not, 500k twitter subs, and nearly 600k YouTube subs would get it the exposure that's needed.
  2. "Hmm..." Fuck off you horrible cunt. Y'know what, some of their women are truly more brainwashed and staunch than some of their male fans are. To go against celtic, tis a slur on the Catholic Church itself... Open your wrists ya cow, purgatory awaits...
  3. Hmm, I often wonder though, do the people of say Germany and The Netherlands, (kinda 50/50) neutral religious countries have to put up with the same bitter shite we have to endure in this tiny shithole every single day in life? What I mean by that is, we know the plastic paddies hate all things British, but is the RC church actively trying to fuck other countries (Protestants) over that I mentioned to the point that it's evident, or is it just more evident here because it's so microscopic, and obvious?
  4. But whit hairm's he daein tae any cunt? The Boiz jus chillin', kickin' back fur his Sate-ur-day nite n aw rat.
  5. I've met a few people of a Protestant/neutral persuasion that have been fortunate/unfortunate to work under the GCC, have said it's like a hierarchical structure similar to Opus Dei. Albeit, as expected, short lived employment for them. As for Freemasonry, I don't profess to know the many perks of being part of a lodge, but my guess is, if all the lodges were somehow working in unison for the betterment of helping Rangers, we're certainly not making any inroads in the bigger scheme of things from what I can see!
  6. What would you recommend as a sedati e? 🤔
  7. Aye the stuff about how it was during the old days is interesting, very much so - "On this day". Bring back Daryl King! Changed days.
  8. I used to buy an Evening Times. Stopped buying it a couple of months ago when they were blowing sunshine out of the Bheasts arses telling us how beneficial they are to the Scottish economy, whilst conveniently ignoring that their rancid club had every paedo in the dock. Not only was it in the back pages, but central pages too. Cowards never put a name to their articles. Crossword was the only joy I had out of it tbh.
  9. Yousaf is one piece of human excrement like no other in this country. Piece of garbage must have chosen 'them' so that he didn't receive a kicking in his younger days. Either that, or the schooling really did get to him.
  10. Fuck, I'll walk about with a placard if I have to. 🙂
  11. We're far too lenient, the Bheasts would have seen to it that he was sacked already.
  12. As far fetched as it might sound, I reckon David Icke would do a topic on this.
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