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  1. BlanketOfBlue

    Big Jock Knew

    Yousaf is one piece of human excrement like no other in this country. Piece of garbage must have chosen 'them' so that he didn't receive a kicking in his younger days. Either that, or the schooling really did get to him.
  2. BlanketOfBlue

    Big Jock Knew

    Fuck, I'll walk about with a placard if I have to. 🙂
  3. BlanketOfBlue

    Alex Thomson

    We're far too lenient, the Bheasts would have seen to it that he was sacked already.
  4. As far fetched as it might sound, I reckon David Icke would do a topic on this.
  5. Good morning, Thank you for contacting the office of Gil Paterson MSP. Due to parliamentary rules, MSPs can only respond to enquiries from their own constituency, therefore, could you please forward me your full postal address and I will then look to provide you with a response. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, I did the whole send the template thing, it's a wee bit intimidating for those of us that aren't particularly in the know? I'm trying to do my bit like the next person with MSPs, government, etc, sponsorship. I dunno. Why can't this stuff not be pinned so those of us that are naive, are a bit more clued up?
  6. First time poster, long time observer. Where do we go from here fellow Bears? We're being shat on from a very great height! This bloody well stinks. I agree with a member of the forum's previous post, Rangers themselves should have issued a statement highlighting what they believed to be 'potential' corruption. The one I really feel for is PZJ. The guy has worked tirelessly to expose this shower of shite, he had ALL the corrupt politicians bang to rights, and now it all seems to be for nought. However, I can't see PJZ taking this lying down. I'm still keeping the faith!