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    Needs to be able to bully Christmas trees before I'll consider him the finished article. Garner> Morelos
  2. The Édouard media hype is well and truly taking off now. In the past week I've seen articles discussing him potentially breaking into the full France squad (never going to be a first choice), Napoli for £30m in January (despite no interest this summer), BBC Scottish Football top story about Dembele's move and how Edouard is "out to make his own mark", Hugh Queefins on Clyde claiming he's better than Morelos and will go for more than Dembele. Yawwwwwn.
  3. Wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure he'll be back when he's in his late 30s
  4. Not about Rangers but the Stevie G documentary Make Us Dream was good
  5. Another cap for the World Cup finalists today. Come on Borna, time to step up and do it for Rangers now.
  6. That's because women generally have shorter legs
  7. Amato

    Joe Dodoo

    Chewing gum chewing, kebab eating wank Harry Forrester
  8. Just found this Morelos highlights vid on YouTube, 10 mins of class. Got to the end of it pissed off that Gerrard didn't play him on Sunday. Wtf were you thinking Stevie!
  9. Some of those goals are stunning. 2 mins 40 is just ridiculous. Am I imagining this or did he once score with a bullet header from outside the box?
  10. This might explain it https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/amp/newsid=2568290.html The youngsters will all be classed as B squad. We might not have 25 places available for the A squad if we don't have enough home grown players, maybe Jones has missed out as he's not expected to be fit until the last game or two
  11. Fucking international break
  12. And another one is outed @admin ?
  13. Amato


    He held on for a bizarrely long time, as if it was a bit of a joke
  14. Don't think anyone was saying that about Ojo but I've no doubt Aribo will be. He wasn't played in his natural position and I'm still confident he has been and will go on to be a shrewd signing
  15. Should be 3 clear, instead we are now chasing. Anyway, fuck it, a long way to go and I'm not reading too much into today which I'm writing off as a tactical balls up and bad day at the office
  16. He had already had 3 really poor attempted passes before the blunder leading to the goal
  17. Absolute pish . Wish we had just started with the normal 11 and formation. Feels like we were beat from the point the team was announced. Anyway, as long as this doesn't knock our confidence I'm sure we can get back to winning ways after the break.
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