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  1. The answer to 1) is in the WhatsApp group chat I think. Eric Drysdale phoned Ian Blair who told him their vote hadn't been received. Apparently.
  2. You'd need to use this season's European entrants since the season will be void. There might not be European football next season anyway.
  3. The host asks Roger Hannah what the motivation is for the vote to be pushed through by the SPFL. "To get the money out to the clubs" Host: so it's well intentioned then? RH: I believe so, yes. Completely ignoring the fact that Rangers' resolution to get the money out without calling the season was ignored then rejected. Laughable.
  4. More likely the SPFL lawyer will eat Dundee
  5. Tell me that's not the statement @eskbankloyal was referring to?
  6. Utterly laughable that he's said they were correct to make the current voting position public
  7. Irrelevant how they vote, it's much bigger than the outcome of the vote now
  8. But if there are enough "yes" votes in the Premier League, us withdrawing a "no" vote is inconsequential regardless of what way we vote when we resubmit the vote again. So they could plow on without our vote surely. No?
  9. Our vote is in a division that already has enough "yes" votes
  10. Don't think it would make a difference as they already have sufficient "yes" votes in Premier League
  11. Apparently it's company law, a vote in favour of a resolution can't be withdrawn
  12. There's a forum https://www.thedarkblues.co.uk/forum/8-dundee-fc-forum/
  13. Where you seeing this? I saw the chat from the FIFA guy saying he thinks UEFA have changed their minds, but that was regarding completing the season. Is it definitely null and void they want rather than league positions final "as it stands"?
  14. Didn't our statement say that the info had been shared with other clubs? I've maybe misread
  15. Yeah that concerned me a bit but I'm keeping the faith
  16. Also kinda pours cold water on the poster from earlier's claims about a joint statement coming out tomorrow from Rangers and other clubs. Surely Hearts would be one of them? Yet they say they can't provide any insight into our claims
  17. You speaking as someone ITK or speculating?
  18. Clubs won't vote for it as less games each v us and the scum
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