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  1. I thought Kris Boyd was re-signing there for a moment.
  2. If tonight doesn't show there is an agenda to stop us winning the title then nothing will.
  3. There is a severe racist/xenaphobic problem with journalists in this country. Whenever a 'big bad foreigner' takes a managerial job or a playing position from one of the 'local lads' they're on him like a pack of wolves ready set go whenever he makes even the slightest slip up. Obviously this will never be pointed out at all.
  4. I'll take anyone who'll put the BBC, the Tarriers, SNP, and the mhedia in their fucking place.
  5. Of course he never, just like the rest of them he's only interested in seeing what Rangers get up to.
  6. Players worth defecting to Tonga have already done it. Rugby League needs a strong Tonga to add another layer to the badly run international game. That win over the Kangaroos was massive even though Australia are in a massive transitional period. But when push comes to shove Australia will find their rhythm and comfortably win the world cup next year.
  7. Its horrendous. Every club in super league should be whoring themselves out to get him but wokeness has to take over. I hope Catalan win Super League to get it up everyone.
  8. Shame it wasn't LeBron. RIP anyway.
  9. They've remembered fuck all from last year.
  10. Most cunts who vape didn't even have a smoking addiction. They do it because they think it looks trendy.
  11. We only need a right winger. All other positions are covered. We seem to have a good squad harmony. To many new bodies could disrupt that.
  12. You know that dent has done serious damage when he can't even remember what fucking year he was born.
  13. How old is that cunt? Hopefully the club take legal action and Bears bombarded Clyde 1 next time he's on.
  14. Inter Miami want Lewis Morgan. Another one who ruined his career going to that lot.
  15. So much for the league no needing Rangers. Goes to show that having two competitive top teams going at it actually does sell.
  16. When he signed for Liverpool, Brenda only agreed to take him on if he could get Benteke as well. Eye for a player that one
  17. We can play Andy King. That would be just like a new signing.
  18. Added to the rumours of division between the English speaking players and French ones. And Ntcham and Eduard both want out too. We've completely fucked it for life if we don't win the title this season.
  19. The only thing wrong with the handshake is that Gerrard wasn't wearing anti-bacterial gloves when touching that trampy bastard.
  20. SuperPapac05


    I'll actually have myself sectioned if i see the team of Goldson and Helander starting together again.
  21. Happy Shagger saved it but it was a hopeless penalty by old Christie.
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