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  1. One thing I love about RangersMedia is someone talking about a wee gay passion of theirs and then all the posters proceed to rip it to shreds. Never change lads.
  2. How class would a Karrion Kross vs Brock Lesnar match be?
  3. Renee got her test results through her own private test she took. Fuck all to do with WWE catching it through their alleged tests.
  4. His Vince and Jerry Jarrett impressions are just beyond sublime. Plus his Meltzer meltdowns are hilarious. The show has become, as he puts it, the drizzling shits since he went back to WWE.
  5. I smell a Stubbsy appointment coming to Dundee
  6. I hope Undertaker doe announce he's done. One thing depressing watching that is the cuts from 2004-10 Undertaker built like a machine to the current Undertaker with his saggy Ric Flair tits. Problem is he keeps going on about wanting that perfect match. But then as we've seen he still thinks he's got it and just wants to keep going if he does get that. I honestly think Vince needs to be the one to retire him rather than letting Taker decide for himself.
  7. Unreal game in Russia. Sochi vs Rostov. Rostov went 1-0 up. Their keeper saves a penalty, pulls of 15 (about 4 or 5 of them world class) saves but Sochi end up winning 10 - 1
  8. I don't know. There's always been talk he's had a history of harassing women. Amy Webber recently spoke again how Orton used to bully her in the locker room, so you never know.
  9. Looks like Matt Riddle is fighting back against these allegations. Supposedly this girl who accused him is a complete nut job. I agree that every wrestler found guilty of committing these crimes should be blacklisted from the industry but those who are proven to be lying arseholes need to be given the same treatment.
  10. Since the British scene is being exposed as a sleezefest I cannae wait to hear what that fat embarrassment Grado's been up to
  11. I wonder who the BIG name is going to be exposed as. My money is on Orton.
  12. I think it's set up for Karrion Kross to interfere in that winner take all match and set up his match with Cole at Takeover Boston. I've got to say I'm really liking the Gangano and heel Candice partnership. It's been pretty hilarious.
  13. Naming a thread after yourself
  14. Bully Ray is predicting she is doing a feud with Randy Orton
  15. Mendes against Cally Thistle purely because all the fans started celebrating the goal before it even reached the net.
  16. TBF he isn't on the road and is able to train and eat properly at times he needs to. How many times have we seen guys return from lay offs looking incredible purely because they had nothing else to do other than train and eat properly? Although to contradict myself I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if he was on the roids. After all the wellness test isn't for part-timers.
  17. Anyone else been reading about the lawsuit between WWE and shareholders? The Lawsuit confirms all those stories we heard about the wrestlers basically being taken hostage at last year's Crown Jewel all because Vince and the Crown Prince got into a massive argument. Supposedly WWE was even threatening wrestlers who refused to go back. Some grim details in the suit such as a quote from the stewardess telling a wrestler that 'it seems someone doesn't want us to take off' and the pilot supposedly was very distressed. Astonishing.
  18. Thread title sounds like he just died.
  19. Even worse supposedly it was done when he was doing retakes after they finished the match.
  20. You better call it Santa's Little Helper.
  21. There's something quite mezmorising about Scarlett Bordeaux isn't there? I seriously fucking love hers and Karrion Kross's entrance.
  22. I've read stuff where they say in fact makes you more racist.
  23. He played Newcastle Utds left winger at right back IIRC. It was an all right world cup but the ball and the vovuzeila moaning was annoying.
  24. Hahahahahahaha. Fuck the wee rat. He's at Dumbarton level.
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