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  1. Hahahahahahaha. Fuck the wee rat. He's at Dumbarton level.
  2. The cunts will be wheeling out all their black employees as we speak: Eduard, Ntcham, Frimpong, Lennons teeth, their wee pishy left back.
  3. He's exactly the sort that wants everyone to like him - Clearly gives more of a fuck about his album sales than his club. I hate these cunts on both sides who sympathise with each other - and we have plenty on our side. Cunts of the highest order. A true celtic fan wants Rangers to fuck up on a weekly basis and vise versa for a Rangers fan.
  4. I see Sellick still haven't dealt with that wee nonce in their team yet.
  5. I used love listening to the Two Mikes back when they were together; hilarious as fuck radio. But the big thing when listening to that was that MG is one stubborn fucker. Once he has an opinion about something he isn't changing it. He's one guy, like him or love him, isn't going to be intimidated by celtic or their legal team. He's seen and dealt with it a million times before from his career in Fleet Street. The more celtic and their dimwit fans hit him the harder he's going to swing back and with him having a prime slot on a nationwide radio station then more people are going to learn about
  6. I used to listen to that Football Phone-in every night and I mind that wee Aiden prick, he was a regular. And the one thing I remember about that cock goblin was he always trying to sound like and steal the patter of this Rangers fan who used to phone in regularly called James from Drumchapel. James was hilarious, witty and his patter was always on point (his hatred for Charlie Adam was amazing) and made me pish myself. That wee Aiden prick tried and failed so many times to replicate that and came off as a wee fanny. He sounded like he was about 13 too. IIRC I'm sure Ewan and Roughy tried to c
  7. Surprised it's taken them this long. A between 50 - 60 million wage bill with no income coming in. They could end up more fucked than the rest of us if this drags on any longer. And if the football market takes a hit then they can't con other clubs in parting with 25 million to take one of their duds.
  8. John Hartson wants us to concede the title to celtic. Says we'll 'Get all the credit' if we do. I seriously hope he gets terminal Conoravirus the cunt.
  9. Why do these cunts wear celtic tops as if the're some kind of uniform? Fucking mhanky bastards the lot of them.
  10. He loses every ounce of credibility (not that he had much) if he sticks with that.
  11. I bet that penalty and the arrogant attitude from the tarriers fired up Copehagen to go back out there and stick a few more in the back of the net. Hopefully we get Copenhagen next and pump them.
  12. Aye 100 million? More like that's what Leigh Griffiths gambling debts are.
  13. Of course he never, just like the rest of them he's only interested in seeing what Rangers get up to.
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