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  1. Just wait to he's calmed down first
  2. Wrap him up in cotton wool keep him fresh for the Europa games. If tonight and last weeks anything to go by we're on to a winner.
  3. This is good, by the end of the day it'll be for gone for a shite and leaving the door open
  4. You've hit the nail on the head, those signings have been the quality we needed to fill out the squad, from first 11 to subs bench. You look at some of the important goals those players have scored and that's the big difference from previous seasons. You also have to consider Kent, Aribo and Kamara stepping up massively from last seasons form, the goals contribution from midfield has been a major hike. Then we've got the form of the four contenders for poty Tav, Davis, Shagger and Goldson. Tbh all of the players have contributed, couldn't tell you who hasn't won MOTM in what has been
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