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  1. It's not often you see a ref happy doing his job, caught this on Sportscene.
  2. Need another goal quickly going by our previous second half performances
  3. Brondby were pish, we even tried to gift them a goal at the start of the second half. We coasted that tonight, probably should have went for the throat, but it is what it is a wins a win.
  4. Brondby look the equivalent of a top 6 SPFL team, keep playing like we are and we should win this maybe even add a few more.
  5. That Ill show yees for chuckin lighters at me Yaaaasss get it up yeees
  6. Gollam got replaced because of an injury, I thought they said on Sportscene it was the fourth official turns out it was a scum fan.
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