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  1. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/43317/South_Korea_vs_Colombia.html
  2. Haha im leaving this site anyways full of fucking closet taigs and handbags. Some good guys and gals do a lot for the Rangers community on here and post a lot of interesting comments etc, but you cant have an opinion without wee arseholes like yerself starting the childish name calling and looking for one upmanship. Bye prick.
  3. Nae need to get personal ya fucking glue sniffing taig mongo fuckwit.
  4. Aye first half when we never had the intensity. 2nd half performance from the off and we bury them.
  5. I think we will dictate the tempo like we did second half against them and put them to the sword, they were shite.
  6. More shite i have to be faux offended at. When are people gonna realise fuck the scottish media and their hate filled ramblings towards us. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to these cunts and when their platforms for spouting abuse towards us fail, fold and disappear into the ether then not a fuck shall be given. Stop given them more platforms on our Rangers forums.
  7. The biggest thing for me is hes doing it with his players inside 1 window. The guy gives me a permanent staunner.
  8. Aye no doubting his quality, pass master but too young, too lightweight for us now.
  9. Why mention it? seems strange to bring it up! but chill we won.
  10. Hes shite lets move on from mediocrity.
  11. Fuck off Goss took a tackle and disappeared fucking daft comparison.
  12. Btw please tell me we have option to buy on Cooli.
  13. 2nd half performance was immense. Stuff of champions fucking bossed them.
  14. Tav interview at half time, ffs cringe. This cunt is our captain.
  15. Managers time to show what he can get out thos squad.
  16. Ive been a slater or tavs defensive displays but tonight hes been immense.
  17. Aye m8. Was available yesterday on the new Zealand store.
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