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  1. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/43317/South_Korea_vs_Colombia.html
  2. More shite i have to be faux offended at. When are people gonna realise fuck the scottish media and their hate filled ramblings towards us. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to these cunts and when their platforms for spouting abuse towards us fail, fold and disappear into the ether then not a fuck shall be given. Stop given them more platforms on our Rangers forums.
  3. The biggest thing for me is hes doing it with his players inside 1 window. The guy gives me a permanent staunner.
  4. Aye no doubting his quality, pass master but too young, too lightweight for us now.
  5. Why mention it? seems strange to bring it up! but chill we won.
  6. Fuck off Goss took a tackle and disappeared fucking daft comparison.
  7. Hope his statement makes headlines down south and the spotlight is turned on the taig fest Rangers bashing going on up here. Mon the gaffer take no shit from the corrupt bastards running our game.
  8. They are all improving not just Jack which is so fucking exciting for us. Lets go.
  9. The man the legend oor gaffer. ?
  10. Demo is out 8th August. I dont give a fuck if its shite it will still be head and shoulders above fifa for gameplay. Canny wait to smash the fuck out the tarriers on myclub and abuse them like fuck. Can see a few xbox bans on the horizon.
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