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  1. Yep, probably. Let's be honest. His first minute against Accies was his best for us by a country mile.
  2. The first batch had to be scrubbed as they got the 5's in the wrong order. True story!
  3. Mine came during the St Mirren cup game, where he was gash. That's when my opinion changed! Yep, it's only one game, but his gashness was very apparent that night! Next time he plays, I hope he plays a blinder and shuts me up.
  4. FFS, the scythes have been sharpened!! One bad game and Barisic is the weak link? You lot are brutal. We're short on cover in that area granted.....Bassey isn't the answer for a full season imo. But Borna is not a weak link! Deary me!!!
  5. Should have been easier than it was really! Still....yet another win and still undefeated at Ibrox. We move on! Bring on the scum!
  6. Strange one....we miss Tav as a creative spark. Nothing at all against Paterson....he's been fucking brilliant. Tav is just more of a threat!
  7. Sloppy as fuck, but 1-0 up at the break. That'll do for now. Intae them Gerrard!
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