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  1. Marketing ploy to tap into the African market.
  2. Cheers guys. The list indeed could have been a whole page and more. Some mean more to others than the ones I posted do to me, it's all an individual choice. So many I could and should have posted, but to my mind, there's only two that really are standouts (even taking others mentioned in the thread) and that's Cooper & Roofe.
  3. See above. For every goal I did put up, I'm getting 3 other suggestions. As important as his 8IAR goal was, I thought the Bucharest goal was better because of the opposition.
  4. You're not wrong with any of them mate.
  5. Another one I was thinking of putting in there. I really could have been at that all night though
  6. I think he's fucked it up btw. I think he was aiming for the postage stamp! Poor technique imo. Needs to work on that in training.
  7. Not even a mention on STV Edinburgh sports news.....biased cunts!!!
  8. Cheers for all the suggestions guys. Thing is, the list could be endless!! I did think about the goals v Leeds and probably should have added them tbh. I just had a list in my mind when creating the poll and could probably have been up all night adding ones....a good/great problem to have Huh?? :)
  9. Obviously influenced heavily by tonights sensational strike from Roofe, I just thought it would be interesting to put it alongside some of our other stunners. Apologies to bears of a certain vintage, as I am only using ones from my lifetime....and ones that spring to mind as being 'top notch'. Let me know if I've missed anything obvious. Was going to add the judas cunts one v Sporting, but recalled Gazza's great goal V Bucharest so went with that one instead!
  10. Judging by the size of his balls to take that shot on in the first place I doubt he's lacking confidence just now mate But I take your point!
  11. How to win a game in style. Fuck me, that's one of the best goals I've ever seen. The build up, the strength then the finish! Fuckin hell man!!!
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