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  1. He's fuckin unreal and unplayable on tonight's form. Should be priority getting him signed up on a long term deal. He just does things no one else would even think of trying, but has the skill too, to pull it off! What a player!
  2. All the more sweet given the furore about his 'stamp'....AND that prick Porteous was 'marking' him!
  3. Was an absolute rock tonight. Counted at least 2 goal bound blocks! We just look so well organised with him in there.
  4. Me too mate. So frustrating dropping 2 against 'Well, but if it had been the Tims, Sheep or Hibs, no one would have really been surprised!
  5. Points in January. Tims at home. Sheep, Motherwell and Hibs away! Goals for: 10 Against: 2 (including County). That's fucking OUTSTANDING!!!
  6. Keep it simple and in their half....just see this out now!!
  7. Bizarre....can't remember a game where we've had so few this season!
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