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  1. Aye.....pointed right down the middle of the goal....so looked straight ahead then?? Muppets!!!
  2. Last minute of injury time was probably our best. Complete mince the other 48.
  3. Never a red anyway, keeper was already grounded, and didn't move towards the player.
  4. Today? WTF? We don't play on a Saturday anymore.... That's proper thrown my weekend routine out the window!! Ah well... Come on Rangers, let's kick these turncoat bastards right in the inbox!!
  5. I'm only laughing because it's true!!!
  6. I thought he did well. By far not our worst player. The fact is, against dross like Livi, who rarely get into our half, we just don't need to DM's in the side.
  7. Aye, this place can be mental at times Sure it will be mate. Sure I read somewhere he had only played 1 game since February??
  8. I just thought he lacked a bit of pace in one of the moves he made. Sakala on the other hand......
  9. You must be in your 90's then mate!! I'm 51 mate. Been spoiled with some incredibly talented players over the years huh!! Those were probably 3 of the best mate, but there must be other fine examples too. I can't believe how stale our midfield looks this season!
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