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  1. thats what i called him too.
  2. Fuck dubai next year, leave them at home to train.
  3. No depth in our squad, two players missing and we look all over the place, never challenged at all today.
  4. just said Kamara having a shocker 2 mins before he done that.
  5. why we taking a extra rouch, Kamara has been doing it all first half.
  6. how mably we miss Morelos running them channels and bullying defenders.
  7. see clancy was back at the dome yesterday handing out more dubious pens. how he wasnt demoted after his last performance ?
  8. St mirren have a go we will, you just know they are going to park 2 busses and try and hold onto a 1-0 until last 10 mins.
  9. st mirren are pathetic ffs. another Boring match watching us trying to break that down, fucking brutal. time wasting after 15 mins.
  10. right come out now you fucking wanks, lets see these cunts time waste now.
  11. Gerrard played him over flan etc so he trusts him.
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