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  1. that cunt of a man sutton still claiming they are better man for man lol
  2. how am i at it, have we been sloppy at times or not. 2-0 up and we can play much much better. i know its diff circumstances with the away game etc but all i said we have been sloppy and we have.
  3. you watching diff game, weve been sloppy as fuck at times. were playing a different game tonight, not pressing as much because we dont need to, weve been sloppy in possession.
  4. yea they are but weve been really sloppy, i know were not pushing and playing the way we usually play because of the first leg but we have been sloppy as fuck.
  5. we aint played well tbh. really sloppy but great scoreline
  6. its aswell Morelos took that bad touch lol Great play from SA
  7. fucking wake up here ffs. i know where not pushing on but fuck me were sloppy.
  8. the two new boys worth a combined 10 million left on bench, not good enough. lol
  9. celtic have went backwards from last year and they spent another 10 million and went even further backwards hahahahah
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