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  1. Rodgers team falling apart and imo Edouard will be gone this season too.
  2. Yea, he raised his hand on defenders face. walker would have been creaming his pants if it was Morelos.
  3. I think Edouard is gone, as soon as the prem teams start spending.
  4. the way stmirren defended today, they will be hard to break down at home. really hard, i think theyre a better team than killie this year. early but they are stubborn and look ok on the break.
  5. i actually despise Sutton more than i ever did lennon and that takes some beating.
  6. Julien is a donkey. kabamba should have went down, julien goes off.
  7. wait and see Stmirren still parking the bus? instead of having a go.
  8. they will be like that until the last 15 and if they get one it will be 10 in the 6 yard box.
  9. jesus christ, ffs, take a Holding player off, they have parked the bus big time.
  10. pull one of our holding mids off pit Itten on, two up top? its the same tactics that teams worked out last season. force us wide and pack the box to eat up the crosses.
  11. yip, teams playing low block forcing us out wide. then crosses being ate up by packed defence. it really is frustrating.
  12. thank fuck, Stmirren will have to open up now. they've been stuffy
  13. Hopefully early goal against the flooded box of 11 and force them out
  14. how many world class teams are there? they are up there, you forgot PSG Mate we have to put it into perspective. levels mate. TV revenue put the gap between us. Rangers world class club with the best following in the world. just a pity were stuck in scotland. or we would be up there with said clubs.
  15. pushing? borderline? lets be honest, they're levels above us.
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