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  1. each to there own, i thot Galahad negated warringtons style, josh swinging at id air all 12 rounds and getting countered. altho Galahad couldve been a bit busier but imo he won and josh got hometown decision. i cant stand Galahad but def think he won. i dont like this idea that you have to go to champions backyard and rip the title away. if your beat your beat.
  2. what a miss match for warrington, altho he deserved it after two back to back hard fights, Frampton and kid Galahad which IMO he lost to Galahad.
  3. SG is keeping him about to lift the league.
  4. he's so good he is getting sent round every club and league in europe
  5. hopefully we go out today and put 6 or 7 past these, a real statement. as someone said, right from the start. no foot of the gas.
  6. its fucking strange, IMO he is our best CH and he is good at scoring too.
  7. he points errors out here. without naming and rightly so.
  8. this is a fucking joke too. it was our own fault but fuck me.
  9. we had a free kick in the 93d minute ffs. how ffs, tav had a shocker there.
  10. He played a blinder yesterday, close to MOTM
  11. think we will sit in and frustrate them, hit them on counter, we have the tools to do that.
  12. we're 3-1 going into this game, great price, altho they are a good side. id take a draw tbh.
  13. i think SG will keep him until we win 55 and hopefully its this year.
  14. Barisic has now stepped up. looks a player.
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