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  1. its not a robbery but you dont win fights by swinging at mid air, JW is a real busy fighter, KG took the fight away from him, controlled the pace, had more eye catching shots and made JW look bad. yes KG could have been a bit busier but he went and used his tools and done a job on JW. I cant stand KG but imo he win that fight. thats two loses JW has for me, kiko Martinez and KG.
  2. if i was Warrington id have a rematch to put that right, the majority thot he lost that fight.
  3. KD could've just done a wee bit more altho i still think he win.
  4. same mate, i cant stand KG but i thot he win too and made JW look horrible at times.
  5. look at him, def something not right, fair play to ruiz, absolutely battered him. then AJ's dad fighting with Hearn, def something up.
  6. the latest is that AJ was concussed hence AJ's dad fighting with Hearn after the fight. rumours he was sparked in training and sparring in fight week.
  7. pacman was a prime example. altho i have my doubt about pacquia being clean. when pac was destroying everyone. margarito etc Mayweather didnt want none of him.
  8. gassed after 3, think he came in to heavy, his team get it wrong? Ruiz was fucking superb. worthy winner. it now makes the how division even more exciting. probably for the best he has lost, that undefeated clean sheet has ruing boxing for me, we need to ee the best fight the best, fuck the zero on your record. they need to get it on.
  9. thats his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7th33UmQTedTO2LAOctFAA
  10. i wish Rangers could ban BBC cameras from Ibrox. Morelos gets a trial every week, gets called everything whilst Edouard is very clever. fucking scumbags.
  11. sportscene calling Edouard dive very clever instead of calling it for what it is. So diving is clever when its celtic
  12. i know lol he cheated, plain and simple, he should be up in front of compliance officer for simulation. two game ban, collum should never be allowed to ref top flight again.
  13. will be intresting to see what kind of trial by sportscene edourd gets
  14. what where you saying? blatant dive. went down before touched. he actually kicks the keeper. lol he should get a two game ban. https://twitter.com/DerekMinto/status/1132321680066514944
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