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  1. never mind white, who's this fat fucking mess?
  2. id have Kent and Candeias on before Defoe, Defoe is just a luxury player to us, at his age and size, he is not up to the job playing thro the middle by himself. personally id let him go, id give Grezda a shot, he looked good last week when he come on, id rotate Kent, Grezda and Candeias but Morelos needs to stay where he is.
  3. Morelos is not failing, he is the best player in scotland playing thro the middle. its not his fault, defoe should be let go imo, he is not doing it for me. no point moving Morelos to shoehorn defeo in.
  4. he has scored 29 goals this season why change it?
  5. he is mixing with the big boys now, people in the media saying 10 million, 22 year old columbian international. at least 18 million maybe more.
  6. hes on now, i wonder if the compliance officer is watching him
  7. says in the rhag that the Croatian media said he was the best player on the park last night.
  8. Remember last year they wanted Morelos out the door lol
  9. Burke is fucking awful, that tells you how bad Scotland are. he is a shocking forward. he,s got pace.
  10. Broadfoot shouting and coming after Morelos, Morelos walks away and broadfoot proceeds to rub his studs down the back of his Achilles. Morelos turns and pushes him. only one person should be getting done.
  11. ffs Barry Ferguson is even having a pop at Morelos, saying he needs to calm down etc, this cunt Broadfoot is getting away with murder, ferguson should be calling him out.
  12. Frampton, McGuigan, burnett and Rogan brought both sides out, what conlon has done is fucking disgusting, anyone who like boxing and is a fan would not feel comfortable going to watch his fights if you dont share his political believes. He cant make excuses its his song he choose.
  13. Whats peoples thoughts, i know he has been out injured for most of the season, i thought he looked sharp when he came on sat, drew some ridiculous tackles on him. Hopefully we can start seeing the best of him?
  14. just think the media are doing their usual. trying to get it highlighted as usual because it Morelos.
  15. it was a push anyway. nothing more. someone rubs their studs down the back of you its a straight red.
  16. its all Morelos fault, he is trying to walk away.
  17. right, turn the tables, if Broadfoot is walking of the pitch and Morelos is walking behind his screaming in his ear and then rubs the studs down his heel. Broadfoot pushes him. who would be getting highlighted? treated differently on and off the pitch.
  18. Broadfoot walking up and rubbing his studs down the back of Morelos heel whilst screaming in his ear. tell me one player that wouldn't react to that? yet them scumbags on sportscene are saying morelos is a lucky boy, the treatment Morelos is getting on and off the park is sinister as fuck.
  19. it was nearly 6 mins lol ffs Rangers get everything, ever since the oldfirm when sutton and co went into melt down, called the sfa cheats etc.
  20. what was it during week at aberdeen after 10 yellows and 6 subs. 2 mins. lol
  21. Get McInnes or Clarke in and we can go defensive and park the bus. hit teams on the break whilst booting the fuck out of them. this should keep people happy.
  22. id say about2.5-3 million for him.
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