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  1. just look at Pacquiao in the Mayweather fight! when from banging guys like Margarito about the ring to hardly leaving a dent on Mayweather. pacman was juiced to the eyeballs. same as Canelo, if these boxer are so great? they shouldn't need steroids.
  2. going to watch this now mate, Mayweather was caught at home before pacman fight with two IV drips in his arms ffs. flushing himself out.
  3. he carries that power up and down each weight. IMO with the help of roids. Boxers are not getting a fair crack at him. in and out of the ring.
  4. its the money train he brings, they're all on it. all the big wigs in boxing and it's obvious he is roided up to the eye balls. boxing is rife with roids but Canelo just does what he wants. Pacman was the same they way he went thro the divisions.
  5. rumours BJS taken to hospital, Broken orbital bone.
  6. with those score cards, BJS was right to quit lol no point taking a chance of getting robbed of your sight.
  7. i don't like saunders as a person, i don't see those score cards. altho Canelo could have went up a few gears? this is what i cant stand about Canelo........tho its not his fault. i said before the fight, you need to KO him because if you win 12 rounds you lose against him.
  8. any streams lads for the BJS fight?
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