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  1. Midjyland knocked out slavia out of champs LG last year. Arsenal should’ve took 10 of Slavia. Slavia deserved their win against us. We didn’t turn up over those two games. We win the LG partied hard and where poor. Think we’re giving them too much credit. Bring the racists on we will dump them out. Fuck em
  2. let this sink in lads. that celtic defence are a few weeks away from facing KENT SAKALA MORELOS HAGI...........ARIBO
  3. Randers is only a g out from Rangers they'll see the name and shite themselves
  4. now we know for definite why Howe told them to beat it. manager is not getting backed. skint
  5. https://twitter.com/BazFerrier/status/1420478074454528006/photo/1
  6. big ange is a clown, thats all that bullshit at the start of the season. We stop when the full time whistle goes. the celtic players get humped in extra time. what sort of management is that?
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