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  1. I’m sure it’s been said in this thread but a quality mid is a must.
  2. ATM he is the most expensive player in Scotland atm. he's only going to get better.
  3. He is the best player in Scotland ATM easily. he's different class. 7 million we robbed liverpool lol
  4. Gerrard needs to call clancy out after the game. this is nothing short of embarrassing from clancy, he should never officiate at Ibrox again. Clancy should be demoted.
  5. i hate bashing players but fuck me when is Hagi going to turn up this season ?
  6. so am i, makes a game of it for a change rather than parking the bus
  7. last years banter but still great replay value
  8. yea i agree, he goes with my blessing quality player and will make us a lot of money but its poor form from a pro to be sulking and half arsed in training. typical south American tho. he'll probably never play for another club the size of Rangers.
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