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  1. i want us so far ahead of them that when we play them at the chamber of secrets, one of our players ties a scarf to their post.
  2. plz soccer talking about how celtic have a better squad of players than Rangers, fat peter and that clown alison, what fucking planet these onions on?
  3. im still fucking raging about the 3-3 draw. lol, ffs, Benfica have conceded another 3 at home to Braga. Benfica 2-3 Braga Benfica are still a very good side and dangerous, will be a very difficult game, we would have been thro if we had better game management near the end of game but theyre conceding and there seems to be problems with squad and not playing to great atm, thats me just reading their forum. win this and were thro.
  4. if nick walsh had have done his job properly today Rangers should have had 3 pens.
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