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  1. This thing they do with their full backs is bizarre
  2. Just warming them up for the doing we'll give them in the CL proper
  3. Add a good 10 million to the price when Real Madrid come calling 👍
  4. Madrid might bid for Kamara way he's playing
  5. Greg Taylor is murder yet big Ange has him playing some bizarre left back/holding midfielder hybrid role they look shite too, lovely stuff
  6. Hate they clatty bastards more by the day edit: when did the F word get censored
  7. Insigne is the poor man's Ryan Kent imo
  8. Absolutely nae chance they've banked anywhere near that figure
  9. The Sun claiming this morning that the tarriers have raked in £18million in player sales since January
  10. England winning doesn't put me up or down really, but seeing all the tarriers spewing about it on social media warms my heart. Anything that (further) sickens they demented doolally bastards is fine by me
  11. Harsh as fuck penalty imo but glad they scored it, keeps the game alive. Great watch this.
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