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  1. Go and someone tell me how McGregor is still on the park
  2. Changed over to watch the start of the F1 and missed the goal, Calamity Shane up to his usual?
  3. Watch Aberdeen crumble now, wee shitebags
  4. You get some cracking bets up mate, well done 👍
  5. The Dalcio think that was Dalcio's nickname, no sure tho
  6. We're gonna get this at some stage, European ties only increase that likelihood I would imagine.
  7. Like others have said, sometimes it's the circumstances a goal is scored in that makes it great. The Lovenkrands late winner in the Scottish cup final might be my favourite all time Rangers goal. Roofe probably takes the poll for me but I still voted for Albertz, that free kick is obscene, and it's against they cunts for bonus points.
  8. Even last night in that weather some of his touches and close control was incredible. He's gonna be an awesome player.
  9. Hahaha add these Belgian diddies to the list
  10. Wouldn't fancy a square go with the boy, he's a fuckin tank.
  11. Horrible scummy bastards, the lowest of the fucking low. Makes me angry reading that.
  12. Still see some Bears talking about this mythical midfielder who's gonna come in and sort Brown out, when the reality is he's been chasing Glen Kamara's shadow and made to look the mug he is for the last 2 years.
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