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  1. Want to see Sakala on the park, bit of pace up front
  2. This warms my heart it really does
  3. Bassey playing the centre half/winger role well there
  4. Time to replace Davis and McGregor too imo. McGregor of any other season saves their second easily, was a poor one to concede. Seeing the mistakes creep in with him now.
  5. I've spoke to players who played under Neil McCann in the past and they told me he's the greatest coach on planet earth, a mixture of Sir Alex and Pep, with breathtaking views on the game football. I can't name my sources tho, obviously. Piece of piss this journalism lark is it no?
  6. Fuck it bring Raymond van Barneveld in as well, he can launch arrows at pictures of Fat Ange at half time to fire the players up
  7. Btw what a striker Roy Makaay was in his day, hopefully he can give Alf the boot up the arse he needs
  8. Next person to spell it "Geo" should be banned, if you can't spell a three letter word correctly you're 100% a tarrier imo, no excuse
  9. Was about to make a similar post, more you think about it Gio just makes sense on every level.
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