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  1. That is correct.... he knocked us back more than once, him being a L’pool fan would add reason to the knockbacks👍🇬🇧
  2. Pity Rangers was mentioned as his "biggest disappointment" at the time, but of course plenty of praise for us in the rest of the diatribe...there again perhaps not..
  3. There you go young fella, never mentioned The Rangers or any Ranger once, best ignore the resident troll who hasn't a clue about our history or ethos..a born loser, dummiesoot will be along to rag-doll him once more no doubt..👍.
  4. Who can ever forget his interview in Shoot magazine while at sunderland, not one mention of The Rangers or any Rangers player, but plenty of gushing over his hero dalglish.
  5. Strangely he sported a L'pool shirt while a native of EK.
  6. As a comparison Paul Le Guen walked away for nothing. Apologies missed out..."Two days later, on January 4, 2007, in a meeting at the Norton House Hotel near Edinburgh Airport, the marriage between le Guen and Rangers was formally annulled. He declined a pay-off".
  7. The Rangers icon has been on fully-paid gardening leave since leaving the club in December. Subjected to criticism for continuing to lift a full salary while the club were in financial difficulty, McCoist has now agreed to sever his contract three months early.
  8. I will leave you to dig a deeper hole with your defence of the indefensible.
  9. Strange I never heard of Wattie's representatives asking for anything as to his salary to be hidden, your argument has no validity in any form.
  10. The words of Wattie...“But I don’t know what’s going to happen and it’s not my forte. My forte was picking teams, not managers". mccoist must be as big a disappointment as a manager to Wattie, as he is to everyone else, notwithstanding the shares and hidden wages shenanigans.
  11. pot kettle comes to mind !
  12. It would be wonderful if we had friends on the board who championed the Club players and the fans, alas a thing of the past in the days before murray darkened our door.
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