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  1. Good result, still a couple of rough edges but overall we can’t do anymore than win...which is what counts.
  2. Truly inspiring, a master class in putting the opposition to the sword, long may it continue.
  3. pitch going to be heavy, interesting to see how we combat it or not.
  4. The pissing on us from a great height started the day minty borrowed the money from masterton to take the keys of Ibrox,, that anyone is still surprised, is the biggest surprise of all.
  5. Our board has two open goals to shoot at involving sporting integrity sceptic, that they refuse to do so is a bigger mystery than the meaning of life.
  6. The way some chaps go on about kent he must be a one man team.
  7. a remember when wummin had a day oot at the steamie, aye great days then and the beer wizny like a chemical bath 😏
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