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  1. Thanks for the history lesson, will remember that...and he was still scathing for a friendly 😉 SG noticed some of the same failings that weren't eradicated last season...in a friendly, made a rod for his own back for the coming season if they continue wouldn't you say. If friendlies in this day and age aren't seen for what they are, bounce games that players first priority is to stroll through and avoid injury, chaps will be thinking they actually mean something. Back in the day we had real "friendlies" where chaps really did "play for the jersey", they were in effect wars of attrition. Let's see how long it takes this season for SG to be accused of being warburtonesque in his approach.
  2. He was a left winger, Jim Baxter was a left half-back....need to try harder 😉
  3. John Inglis played for blackburn in the 1883/84 fa cup final, gaining a winners medal.
  4. Do L’pool employ managers with something to prove ?
  5. No you certainly are not.....goodbye.
  6. the accounts are the friend of yourself and others, who wish something to be true that has no basis in fact. "I know you got your arse ripped apart on here yesterday" some chaps have vivid imaginations, I like to leave them to it...and now you in your quest to get one over on MA, I don't wonder why.
  7. You don't have an argument, RR was not involved in the Puma deal, the accounts are clear. Too add, because you want it to be true doesn't make it true 👍
  8. In all of the relevant accounts, which as said, stress Puma/The Rangers Football Club is a direct agreement. https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/pop-up-shop-at-the-louden.82083/
  9. One is nonsense or the accounts are doctored, take your pick 👍
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