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  1. Beautifully summed up 👍
  2. Yeah , thought it'd be something like that.
  3. gmcf


    Definitely more a team player now .
  4. I'm not sure what the rules are but Beaton is telling SG he can't speak to him .
  5. Wtf was that about . It looked to me SG walked away after the first yellow .
  6. Think we'll go to town tonite . Don't usually do this but i think we'll take at least four off them .
  7. Thats no fair , we only get two buses and the tarriers get six.
  8. But does he have to be in control ? Quite often you see them fumble the ball until getting it under control and its ok . I reckon the knock on only comes into effect after he drops the ball and I dont think it goes forward at that point . Agree the first one was a lot more dubious. He didn't give them much time before the penalty was taken .
  9. I'm not sure of the rules , so I could be talking shite , but . . . I'm wondering if the knock on doesn't take effect until he drops the ball ie both hands . I know he loses control at the start , that's when the ball goes forward , but then ' catches' it with both hands . Its at this stage it drops to the ground though i dont think it goes forward at this point . Like I say , could be talking shite .
  10. Wasn't just about scoring a goal, his all round performance was excellent against a quality opposition.
  11. gmcf

    For 55

    Excellent 👍
  12. Think we'll get Villareal . We always seem to get them . Would prefer Man U though .
  13. Its taken us a while to recover from losing a goal , but we were excellent before that . I'm sure , if we keep the concentration , we'll get back on top .
  14. Sad to see him go but its probably best for all concerned .
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