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  1. gmcf


    Exactly . I always think back to Ally NcCoist and who would have replaced him had we not been so patient . You could argue Mark Hateley and John Brown are pretty much in the same boat .
  2. Well that just ruined my weekend.
  3. I hope you're right Bill , though I hope lennon stays . Cant stand the guy , but he really is a crap manager and life would be so much easier with him there .
  4. Thought he looked terrific today when he came on . Unlucky with a couple of defence splitting passes that yould expect from a far more experienced player than an 18 year old .
  5. I worry a new manager might give them a second wind , but the longer tlb is there the better afaic , he's absolutely hopeless , always has been .
  6. Do agree with you . Is the 7 game ban cover any game or is it just league games ?
  7. Beating Ross Co is a must for us next week . I honestly think there is a good chance they won't cope with the pressure with their later kick off .
  8. Bit disappointing , was hoping to get at least another couple of points of them before he goes .
  9. Yeah , hoping those kind of surprises against those kind of teams are consigned to the past . I'm expecting a much changed team , giving key players a rest , so looking more for a comfortable win rather than a big goalfest today .
  10. The thing is we now have a strong enough bench to change it if things aren't going right . Not that I think they won't of course
  11. Exactly . Playing the likes of Ross County , Hamilton or Livi doesn't really compare to the above . I'm kinda glad in a way , as we have fluidity , playing some top notch football and appear to have a great first team spirit , so I wouldn't risk that on some Billy Big Baws who's not even sure if he wants to be here .
  12. Just watched Hostiles on Netflix . Really enjoyed it , quite tense . 8/10 .
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