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  1. Has that natural , instinctive nose for goal , more than a skillful one ,today being a good example. Not sure if he'll ever lead the line but I think he'll be valuable to have on the bench if we need a goal like we did in that important Motherwell game .
  2. Not usually into friendlies but its been a cracking game so far. A lot of positives to take from it .
  3. Club deck for first year ever. Fuck me , we're an even better team from up here than we are from the front of the Copland
  4. Double check, because I don't want to give you false information, but I'm sure they said that starts at 1.45 , and at 3.10 there's a potential gold in the swimming
  5. Well done Chelsie Giles in Judo , first GB medal .
  6. Wasn't a free flowing game but what a battle it was , superb stuff . Dug deep and finished the stronger team , though we maybe rode our luck with a decision or two from the ref . Can't wait till next Saturday - livi at 1.30 followed by the 2nd test at 5
  7. I didnt think he was commanding enough a couple of seasons ago but last year he was a colossus for us. So important to us now that he is the constant at the center of the defence . His partner may vary , but its reassuring that CG is still there .
  8. Aye fair comment . I do tend to over simplify things when they're actually a bit more complicated .
  9. An awfully big fuck up then . Do you not think if it was , and it would have been spotted pretty quick , they could have canceled that email last night and started again first thing this morning ?
  10. I'd love to know their reasoning behind this as I don't think it's an accident , perhaps its to induce more into subscribing to MyGers ? I'm not that keen on friendlies as I find them very flat without a competitive edge , but I do sign up to them , moreso because its a small way to help the club financially , after the last few years troubles , but you just feel they've shat on you after this .
  11. Yeah I've noticed that. Everytime anyone gets past him he just brings them down .
  12. I'd love to hear the thinking behind this decision . What a farce . You eally couldn't make it up .
  13. Heres hoping by the time of the Malmo/ Helsinki game we will be back to normal .
  14. Would the Swedish season not have been put on hold for 3/4 weeks while the Euros have been on ?
  15. Mental really , to think he was playing Highland League football just months previously .
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