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  1. So he did 👍. You forget about him because he'd fallen out with Rangers earlier .
  2. To go back to what I said previously re The Rolling Thunder Review , the concert footage is superb , give it a try
  3. @harlands plater, if you get an opportunity, watch Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review on Netlix . I wasn't impressed with the actual film , but if you want to see charisma or the secret of playing live , this is it .
  4. They were . The Dial Inn musta been the worst bar in Scotland . They had waitress service that took ages to get to you . So you went to the bar yourself , and , by fuck , they made sure you waited so you got waitress service the next time In saying that , two of my best mates played there . One as the drummer of Moscow , and the other in the support band of Henry Gorman Band .
  5. Superb . Really enjoyed that . As a wee edit . Can't stop playing this
  6. We musta been same era , different genres . I remember the Doune Castle , went to it occasionally , though stayed up the stairs and rarely to the beer keller down the stairs . About that time i was more heading to the Burns Howff , Dial Inn , The Griffen and His Nibs.
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