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  1. We won't, it will catch up on us sometime . If we want to win the league we are going to have to up our performance level in every department.
  2. Fair play to Rangers - still not at our best but deserve great credit for clawing our way back into the game . Crucial now to keep the tempo up , look for more goals and not sit back and hold on with what we've got .
  3. Taking the piss now . Weve not been ss poor as this in a long long time .
  4. I take it the vaccination certificates we get off the Scottish Government are good enough for travelling to Copenhagen ?
  5. Alright is as first I'd go right now , I think we've missed a great opportunity to getso.e really distance between us and them . Having said that , last night , and 60 minutes or so against Hearts , has been a big improvement from previous performances.
  6. An interesting conundrum . Mark Hateley is probably my favourite Rangers forward in my time with the way he could rag doll defences about , assist others like McCoist , and his general effort around the park . On the other hand we have natural goalscorers like McCoist and Boyd who provide the all important goals. Who's the most important , I truly don't know . But one does rely on the other .
  7. Best performance of the season , though I still think we can go further. Created a good few chances for a change and I think that'll improve even further once Kent is back . Still a bit sloppy at the back which is a concern .
  8. With that kind of money , I reckon they'll aim a little bit higher than SG .
  9. Very true , but it was just as important to ensure that the spfl played by the rules , their own rules , and not ignore them when it suits . Win or lose , good to see us highlight yet another example of their miserable , corrupt organisation .
  10. It does look horrific but tbf it wasn't just a team we had to replace after the PC era , it was a squad . And with very little money , so the quality, particularly in the beginning was always going to be temporary and something to improve on year on year . I'd agree with the 16-18 mark , but I'd say he has a not too bad success rate if it was players you would have chosen as FirstXI players we were considering .
  11. Saturday , for the first time , I thought we'd finally clicked . It just makes it all the more frustrating .
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