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  1. Does 5 star live in Cambridgeshire and have a wife in intensive care? I seriously doubt it, and I’m getting sick of people saying I am someone else. I’ll just fuck off out of the site if it keeps going on because it’s a pain in the arse. I’m not 5* and I’m not cushy
  2. Why would anyone want to have sex with a phone? If it was a big 80s phone then fair enough, I might be able to understand it.
  3. Blueteeth


    Gary's a good example of that
  4. Blueteeth


    "Fuck up knitted head - shankland wouldn’t get a game with Rangers U21’s"
  5. I think both could be useful players if they keep pushing on, maybe not week in week out starters but handy back up.
  6. "I noticed that as well, I don't think the likes of Barker have done themselves proud" Is that easier for you to read? I... personally think Barker is shite and didn't take the opportunity to impress anyone in this friendly, You're just going to have to deal with that.
  7. I noticed that as well, I don't think the likes of Barker have done themselves proud
  8. Might need a fireman's pole if we drop the pitch too low
  9. naw he's no, they're both no very good but I disagree with that one Jones looked semi-useful before his stupid injury, Barker has never looked semi-useful, not even quarterly useful
  10. Nice goal Davis, is it just more or does their goalkeeper look very wee
  11. What the fuck? Imagine not showing Gerrard's full celebration? I'd rather have that on a constant loop than seeing the game's extended highlights
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