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  1. Needs a NSFW tag. Fucking beauty of a shot. Get Roofe starting from now on. Alfie is doing hehaw.
  2. maybe win #55 first before we start this shite. i do think we are the better team now but get another title before we have a go at them. let them think they are world beaters for now. the day we win #55 they will implode and the meltdown will be glorious. this article might just wake them up and make them realise what's happening.
  3. nae cunt except you thought they should be awarded the title.
  4. i fancy us against any cunt in europe tbh. we've beaten a load of good teams. only teams i'd be concerned about facing are: ac milan, arsenal, and leverkusen. and even against those teams i think we'd give them a game.
  5. skelp livi and hope the sheep show some spine. is it really too much to ask? we are our worst enemy at times. go out an pump that mhob and then struggle against diddy teams. the sheep i think love getting fucked off celtic more than they like shaggin sheep.
  6. fucking spfl donkeys. useless shower a shite. we better no give these cunts any excuse. they will pull out all stops to award sellick the title. it's not enough to win games on the pitch. need to beat the refs and the SPFL too. gerrard better be keeping close tabs on all the players so we don't have anyone catching this fucking thing. hopefully if we keep up our performance we'll stroll the league.
  7. BillyG91


    the win was good yesterday but need to march on and keep winning. not gonna win the league just by pumping that lot. got livingston, kilmarnock, hamilton, sheep, county, scumdee hivs, etc to put to the sword.
  8. fuck sake. what chance do we have if this is the mentality of some of our support? if i was in that supporters club i'd be demanding he resign as chairman.
  9. "They seem to know what theyre doing, aye? They are better than us atm, seem much better prepared for the league campaign." up ye's
  10. dont usually go on their forums but today is a good day and i love the meltdown. some cunt posted this
  11. oh the turn tables tick tock you cunts
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