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  1. If you really are who you say you are (and not an obsessed celtic fan in disguise) then don't worry. This place can be a bit hostile to new accounts cause we get loads of sad celtic creeps coming on for the wind up. I appreciate you wanna check us out and give us some info on your team. Nothing wrong with that. Doesn't matter if we're no your team...if you like us then you're welcome here to have a chat. There's some grumpy old cunts on so just ignore them lol. That said...hope we pump yer team son :)
  2. cunts aren't good enough. we're winning he fuck haw...again. spineless shower of shite the lot of them.
  3. pathetic. don't even know what else to say. same shite all the time.
  4. look at the state of the cardboard people in the stands 🤣🤣
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