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  1. you have to make sure you go through smile. i mean on a laptop for example you need to go through smile.amazon.co.uk and not just the regular amazon.co.uk. not sure about the app on phones/tablets. i've bought a shit load from amazon on my phone and i've contributed £1.32. so you just need to make sure you're doing it right for it to work.
  2. now it's official i suppose i need to learn how to properly pronounce that fucking last name.
  3. they are all out today trying to spin this cunt as some kind of special. i asked "what happened to that other guy?" "aw howe? he's shite! can't face the fact big Ange is their 2nd (or lower) choice. apparently now he will attract all kinds of Japanese talent and sellick will return to the glory days of Nakamura and their global interest will increase. they are the most deluded cunts on this planet. but i expect nothing less of a club that is build on twisting things and sweeping secrets under the rug.
  4. we now play in the "Cinch Premiership". fucking hell man. so you don't need to give their site hits: Thursday 10th June 2021 cinch announced as SPFL title sponsor Five-year deal is the league’s biggest ever The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) today announced cinch, the UK’s fastest-growing online used car marketplace, as its new title sponsor in a five-year deal that will run until the 2025/26 season. The long-term agreement, which will span all four divisions, represents the largest title sponsorship deal in the SPFL’s
  5. i didn't know it was there. mine is currently set to NSPCC so i'd feel bad about changing it. edit: apparently i've only made £1.32 i don't think i've been using it properly. i'll change it to Rangers. can't hurt if all i've contributed is £1.32 fs
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