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  1. will be lucky to keep it a draw. they will get a 2nd. we aren't interested in winning.
  2. he could've tried moving to the left a bit. but suppose that's no fair right
  3. these players think winning 55 was the be all and end all. they've downed tools since last season. shitebags
  4. whose this fucking commentator wanking himself off cause they scored?
  5. motherwell deserve to score we are fucking honking. only ourselves to blame yet a fucking gain.
  6. aye livi scored at 25 minutes. so like almost an hour ago.
  7. hahahhaa just seen the score. mon the county. show them good football! edit: fs haha it's livi they're playing no ross county. don't know why i thought that. i just fucking looked at the score as well. too much beer
  8. all the pish thrown at me i'll take but am i fuck one of them. get yourself to fuck mate.
  9. they are making an arse of our support but aye who cares nae cunt died.
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