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  1. if that £4.5m is true then they need to pay Man City £1.35m.
  2. already seeing cunts saying Lampard is going to Parkhead hahahahaha they are deluded.
  3. cause that's where you go to fucking read things isn't it?
  4. welcome! wanted to read about him and saw bheasts doing bheast things: the daft cunt doesn't realise their IP is visible to everyone hahaha.
  5. For anyone that cares, Fortnite now has the football strips up. I think they are only available today! There are 10 different styles (click names to see image): Pitch Patroller Tiki Tackler Striker Specialist Shot Stopper Derby Dominator Breakaway Midfield Master SGT Sweeper Galactico Power Poacher The kit is the same in all the same. The only difference is the appearance of the character itself. Also, it seems if you buy one you get access to all club skins. You wouldn't just get a Rangers skin for example but a skin for all other 22 club
  6. https://planetradio.co.uk/clyde/player/
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