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  1. Hear hear Sir....these young 'uns have nae respect, neither they do........ :crabf See in our day.........
  2. Apologies for the delay in getting the nine names to you mate
  3. We will be encouraging our club members to go on the trail, especially thE younger ones - it is essential to understand the history of the club & this sounds the ideal opportunity to do just that WATP
  4. artur numan is a cnut Why's that pal ?
  5. Think it is "business as usual" this year but Strathclyde Police are intent on reducing the size / number of parades through the City Centre next year. My undertsanding is that they want to ban the return parade(s) meaning that the parade walks to the Green, the public meeting is held, then that's it till the following year.
  6. I would agree on both counts there mate & let's hope that this date in our club's history is marked in a fitting and appropriate manner
  7. He is a true legend and a gentleman. He and Bud Johnston attended a function that our supporters club ( Tannochside RSC ) held last June - nothing was any trouble for them & they had the audience enthralled with stories of their career Quality !!!!
  8. I wasn't aware that our allocation had sold out. However, I know that the supporters buses were not getting any I had assumed that if season ticket holders applied, as individuals, then they would be at least considerd - has that not happened & how do you know Rangers allocation all gone ?
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