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  1. Hope their hotel gets a visit. Cunts!
  2. Zungu obviously heard it too, going by his reaction. Kick the cants out.
  3. https://twitter.com/superally57/status/1363507298795204610/
  4. Our Stuart Pearce ☠️☠️
  5. And so he should.. Silly cunt. Hope he’s given a second chance though.
  6. Didn’t say a word... Didn’t need to 😉
  7. You said it in that last sentence. Still a wee young man at 24. Has flashes of brilliance, improving & maturing nicely. Possibly a legend in the making.
  8. Am I right in thinking Balogun’s contract expires in June? We need to get that sorted ASAP. A great pro as he’s shown tonight.
  9. Well said Chris Jack. https://heraldscotland.com/news/19007728.chris-jack-Rangers-can-welcome-chase-old-firm-power-shift/
  10. I thought it was Leonard Rossiter
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