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  1. Thoughts with the family at this sad time. Rest in peace Manticore.
  2. Sad news indeed, thoughts with his family.
  3. It does look like that,there is certainly a lot of hatred for the Easdales.
  4. RANGERS last night quashed a long-running revolt when they agreed to appoint two new directors. Former Ibrox bigwig Paul Murray and top accountant Frank Blin were admitted to the board following weeks of bitter wrangling. The move ended calls by Murray and tycoon Jim McColl for a shareholders’ vote to axe chief executive Craig Mather, finance chief Brian Stockbridge and Bryan Smart from the current regime. The club confirmed the demands have been withdrawn — on condition that an AGM is held by October 31. A statement added: “All of the current directors remain in office and we are not appointing any additional directors save those announced. “We continue to actively seek to appoint a new chairman.” A deal had to be thrashed out by today’s deadline otherwise the club would have been forced to convene an EGM to settle the dispute. But one angry shareholder accused former director Murray and Blin of “wreaking mayhem” during the revolt. He said: “There is disgust within the club about what they have done. “Never once in the past month have they come up with any plans or strategies. They cost the club time and money and put the fans and players through further turmoil. “With friends like that who needs enemies?” Ibrox legend and ex- manager Walter Smith resigned as chairman of the League One club in August following the controversial return of former chief exec Charles Green as a consultant. All current directors must resign and put themselves forward for re-election at the AGM.
  5. So is phil Cartmell getting sacked or as suggested here in the telegraph just stepping down ? By Roddy Forsyth 7:00AM BST 22 Apr 2013 2 Comments Phil Cartmell, the former CEO of security and defence business, Vega Group, is to quit soon to attend to pressing matters concerning his business interests in Singapore, although it is understood that no date has yet been set for his exit. Cartmell bought 25,800 shares at 76.5p when the club floated on the AIM market on December 19. The shares closed at 61p on Friday – a rise of 2p on the day – after the announcement that Charles Green would step down as chief executive, following a series of damaging developments. Meanwhile, one of Cartmell’s fellow plc board members, Craig Mather, will fill Rangers' vacant chief executive role on an interim basis, while the club begins its search for a permanent successor to Charles Green, who quit last week. The agreement to put Mather in place at this juncture represents a victory for chairman Malcolm Murray, after the Telegraph disclosed that the former chief executive, Martin Bain, had support for a return to Ibrox in the same capacity. Murray is believed to feel that Bain is tainted by his association with the tenure of Sir David Murray, who sold the club to Craig Whyte nine months before the new owner’s financial manoeuvrings tipped Rangers into insolvency. Bain, a member of the club’s independent scrutiny group at the time, in fact opposed the sale and was ejected from his position once Whyte took over. It is also understood that Bain had the support of Walter Smith, who values his intimate knowledge of the labyrinthine politics of football in Scotland and the fact that he was in the habit of sitting down with Peter Lawwell – the Celtic CEO, who is widely regarded as the most significant force in the Scottish game – for monthly meetings with the status of an equal.
  6. nacho nacho man, scarf arrived in the post this morning, very nice, thanks for all your hard work.
  7. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail.html?announcementId=11560222
  8. It is and has been a defunct non trading company over which termination proceedings began last year and which would have been struck off by the Registrar of Companies had false claims of directorships not been filed recently at Companies House. Can whyte get done for this?
  9. In light of the recent media speculation in relation to alleged claims which are purported to have been made by Craig Whyte, Aidan Earley, Law Financial Limited or Worthington Group plc in relation to the ownership or control of Sevco 5088 Limited ("Sevco 5088"), Rangers confirms that no legal claim has been received by Charles Green, Imran Ahmad or the Group. As none of the allegations that have been made in the press have been substantiated by evidence of any legally enforceable rights and as details of any claim, whilst threatened, have not been received, the company regards any such press commentary and speculation to be highly spurious. The Group has been and continues to receive legal advice to protect the business, assets and reputation of the company and its directors from such spurious claims. In view of recent media speculation, the company wishes to clarify that Sevco 5088 is not an active subsidiary of the Rangers International Football Club plc. It is and has been a defunct non trading company over which termination proceedings began last year and which would have been struck off by the Registrar of Companies had false claims of directorships not been filed recently at Companies House. Sevco 5088 was listed in the company's announcement dated 22 April 2013 to comply with the AIM Rules for Companies requiring disclosure of directorships held by the directors of the company both currently and during the preceding 5 years. Sevco 5088 was not the acquisition vehicle which purchased the assets of Rangers Football Club.
  10. this is how stv are reporting this Rangers have claimed control of a company at the heart of a legal dispute with Craig Whyte. In an announcement to the stock exchange on Monday, Sevco 5088 Limited is described as a "subsidiary" of Rangers International Football Club plc. Mr Whyte claims the firm was established on his behalf last year and gives him a legal hold over Rangers' assets, including Ibrox and Murray Park. He claims Charles Green was enlisted as a director of Sevco 5088 to act as a "front" for him in an attempt to regain control of Rangers, which Mr Green denies. According to the AIM stock exchange notification, Mr Green held a directorship in Sevco 5088 on December 7 last year, the day the AIM admission document was published. Mr Green previously stated in an interview with STV that he had "handed back" the firm to Mr Whyte after the company was no longer needed once a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) was destined to fail. No documentation confirming Mr Green’s resignation from Sevco 5088 has been filed with Companies House. According to the share issue prospectus published last December, Sevco 5088 was a "related party" to Rangers International, of which Mr Green was the "sole shareholder". Mr Green said in a statement earlier this month that he "was the sole director of Sevco 5088 until he resigned and became the founder director of Sevco Scotland" which was incorporated on May 29 last year. The retrospective directorate declaration to the exchange comes after Mr Green announced his intention to step down as Rangers chief executive with immediate effect on Friday, citing "negative publicity" surrounding his links to Mr Whyte. It also emerged after former Rangers owner Mr Whyte instructed lawyers to contest the lodging of termination notices with Companies House for director appointments of himself and associate Aidan Earley with Sevco 5088. The online documents were filed last week, after Mr Whyte confirmed he was seeking to use the company to seize control of the club’s assets. Mr Whyte is adamant the termination move was not made by himself or Mr Earley, while he has also stated it does not alter his ownership or role as a director of Sevco 5088. The businessman’s lawyers have contacted Companies House over the lodging of the termination forms. Documents STV revealed documents were filed with Companies House which appeared to show Ibrox chief executive Mr Green’s signature on the Sevco 5088 directorships of Mr Whyte and Mr Earley on May 9, 2012. Days later, Sevco 5088 signed an exclusive agreement for the club’s assets with administrators Duff and Phelps, although they were eventually transferred to an unrelated entity, Sevco Scotland Limited. The electronic forms filed last Tuesday stated that the directorships of the pair had been terminated on the same day they were appointed last year. However, a spokesman for the former Rangers owner said: "Mr Whyte has noted the attempt to remove himself and Mr Earley as directors of Sevco 5088. "Mr Green has publicly acknowledged that he resigned as a director and transferred the company some time ago. The Companies House record is not the legal determinant of who owns the company and who are directors. This issue will form part of the forthcoming legal case." Companies House said only people with access to the online authorisation code for the company could have terminated the appointment, while it was unable to clarify who had lodged them. The e-forms relating to the moves do not name the individual behind them, while no signatures are present on the forms as they were submitted via the registrar’s website. Sevco 5088 STV contacted Rangers and Mr Green for comment on the development, but they did not provide a response for publication. Mr Green is still listed as a Sevco 5088 director on the Companies House website and signed off on a proposal to dissolve the firm on December 27 last year, weeks after Mr Whyte sent him a letter warning of legal action. London legal firm Field Fisher Waterhouse, which established Sevco 5088 as an off-the-shelf company in March last year, declined to comment on the move. The registered address of the firm was recently changed from Field Fisher Waterhouse’s Vine Street office to one in London’s Skyline Village, which is associated with Mr Whyte’s businesses. However, last Wednesday an e-filing with Companies House reverted it to lawyer’s office. STV recently revealed that Mr Green admitted asking Mr Whyte for £25,000 to pay the legal fees of Field Fisher Waterhouse. The outgoing Rangers chief executive claimed the cheque bounced, however STV obtained proof to suggest it cleared and the money was paid out of a business account associated with Mr Earley. Rangers announced they had instructed lawyers to respond to the claims of Mr Whyte and Mr Earley, while they also said they would be preparing a file to submit to Police Scotland in relation to the dispute. The club also informed the stock exchange in London that an independent inquiry into the conduct of Mr Green and Imran Ahmad was being carried out, days before the chief executive announced he was stepping down. Last week Worthington Group plc, which has close links to Mr Whyte and Mr Earley, announced to the stock exchange that it would be funding the legal action against Rangers after receiving advice that it had a "prima facie case". Mr Whyte has sold a 26% stake in his firm Law Financial Limited, which he claims owns Sevco 5088 as well as several other companies, under the £250,000 deal.
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