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  1. This does not happen at Scotland games at all. Total internet bs.
  2. There was a German family behind me with about 5 kids. The kids were chatting "Rangers Rangers" over and over gor pretty much the entire second half. They were obviously having a great time. Was pretty awesome.
  3. I dont care. Other team supporters hating other teams. ...whatever next.. Support The Rangers. .. who cares about the rest. No need to be so insecure.
  4. Right now we are known as a club in disseray. We have a protestant heritage but Rangers is not a protestant club. How was church this morning btw?
  5. I want proper summer football. A season from March to October. Fills a hole in the football tv calendar that could bring in more interest from overseas and hopefully more money. We need drastic change.
  6. Can we not just support our armed forces without resorting to using it as a point scoring exercise. God bless them in doing the toughest of jobs. Our governments have put them into some ridiculous situations this past decade or so and deserve all the plaudits they deserve. What these men and woman go through is unreal. God bless them.
  7. He is from Tobermory. Kicked with the right foot when growing up.
  8. Yes. I went game by game last year but will renew this year. I am genuinely excited about this upcoming season.
  9. RIP Colin. We thank you. Prayers with his friends and family
  10. Season is only four days finished. .. What will the threads be like come July...
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