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  1. Tyneside True Blues RSC is based @ The Gateshead Bowling Club it’s 5 mins walk from the Metro station in Gateshead, they have own room and big screen tv’s and show every Rangers game. Great bunch of people will make you welcome.
  2. Simpson is not good enough , Katic is far superior player and when fit I hope he’s back in the squad.
  3. We need to go for more goals were sitting on here.
  4. I understand where you coming from mate and I agree totally going undefeated in the league will be an achievement. I look at this squad of players who had underachieved under Gerrard’s tenure we could say “bottled it “ not good enough “ etc but yet won the title this year by 20 points. After the ST Mirren game we should have learned and going into last nights game we should have been well up for it from the KO urgency, pace, tempo etc yet we lacked going forward from Midfield to Front. When we eventually got the goal with minutes to go we shouldn’t have lost an equaliser it was school boy stuff defensively again just like the ST Mirren game. I listened to Gerrard and players saying how we must build on success etc this was a massive opportunity to win a double and the players have failed yet again and that’s my concern inc Gerrard who can’t or won’t change the system and personnel to get results. We need quality brought in Midfield to Front next season and possibly squad rotation if your looking at the amount of games in the season played.
  5. Last night was embarrassing and unacceptable you can’t dress it up any other way .., why were we not up for it? Why can’t Gerrard change the system against these teams knowing how they were going to come and sit in ? Why didn’t we make subs at HT to change the game ? If rookie Manager Davidson win the SC he’s won more trophies in one season than Gerrard in 3 let that sink in with practically no money. This squad have won the league deservedly but in the cup competitions have been embarrassing and after winning the league was about building on success and going on to win the double after knocking out the tarriers. Last night proved again we are not good enough mentally to see games out absolutely gutted and pissed off. Rant over!!
  6. We will need to be right up for this one from the KO, urgency and tempo take the game to them. Anything other than a win into the next round will be a disaster, but like I say if we perform man for man we will beat them.
  7. I’d drop Kent and start Wright against Kilmarnock and let’s see what he has to offer.
  8. There’s a reason Kent didn’t make it at Liverpool and why he was loaned out so much and no other team came in for him, we paid £7 Million for his services and to be honest he has been too inconsistent and hasn’t improved in his time at Rangers. I would sell him in the Summer if Leeds still want him and reinvest the money.
  9. Zungu was asked to do a specific job sat in front of the back 4, I didn’t think he was particularly as bad as people make out. Kamara and Aribo didn’t contribute much and were poor yesterday like was Kent and Hagi so effectively we had nothing from Midfield to Front yesterday causing Hamilton any problems. Zungu has had 2 starts since he’s arrived and various sub appearances which you can’t really judge a player on that basis, play him with Jack and Davis with a run of games and let’s see what he has to offer imo.
  10. If Leeds still want him and they are still willing to pay £15-18 Million we should bite there hand off.
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