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  1. Did I detect a note of irony in the OP?
  2. Jardine should keep his award. He got it on merit and the SFA he got it from was a bit different from the current SFA.
  3. Traynor - no fool. He knows exactly what he's doing. Controversy = news. Gordon - an Aberdeen fsn. So what? He comes from Aberdeen. Apart from a couple of horrendous lapses does a not bad job trying to bring some sort of order to the circus. Dodds - bumbling buffoon. Young - even worse
  4. Paralyses the Rangers and reduces the company's sale value to pennies. I bet the creditors are pleased. Just in case his Lorship is looking in, let me stress that I did not invent that name for his august and learned personage but one of the redtops called him that after another mess-up a few years ago. Scallywags.
  5. Must be really chastened after his mauling yesterday on the Traynor programme by Michael Grant the hysterical teenager with an HND in scribbling. What would a bloke with a big trucking business in the US know about business takeover strategy? I bet he's glad he was listening. He would have been, wouldn't he?
  6. Traynor came up with this in his programme. Clark told him things aren't as simple as that. Amazing all these hee-hawing fitba pundits suddenly displaying every reason under the sun why they're rubbish fitba guys and not insolvency practitioners.
  7. A Celtic fan, Frank from Dumfries, on Traynor's phoe-in deplored Lennon's conduct and suggested that the true points margin between celtic and Rangers is eight and might have been less but for the financial crisis. He also said Rangers had done rather well in recent weeks having regard to the off-field problems. These reasonable views were heard in glum silence until Michael Grant, Traynor's sidekick began to argue that even eight points is a very big gap. He's right, at this stage of the season it's a winning advantage but not a runaway lead. The same Grant had been screaming hysterically at the beginning of the programme about Bill Miller's demand that no penalties be imposed on a newco by SFA/SPL. Who is this odd individual? Come back Annie Maguire. All is forgiven.
  8. A player can be lion hearted without being hard. Henderson and Wilson weren't hardmen but both were fearless and tireless. Wilson at Wembley when Caldow went off is a prime example.
  9. The entire Iron Curtain including Willie Rae the half back reserve, Shearer, Davis, Greig and John Brown. Of the forwards Davy Wilson and Jimmy Millar 5'9" outjumping bi McNeil with ease.
  10. Somebody mentioned the great man Harry Davis. Harry was all heart and strength, the only player who could have strengthened the Iron Curtain but his skills were not great as he himself knew. Protect McMillan and Baxter and win the ball for them. That's what he could do and boy, did he do it well. Could have given Hurlock lessons in intimidation and shown Forsyth how to put a bit more power in the tackle.
  11. Baxter - easy! Then Caldow, Gazza, Laudrup and the Wee Prime Minister. Cooper for all his occasional brilliance was not on that level.
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