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  1. I agree , it's far too early to say we'll take the title, if septic win their games in hand? We are only 5 points ahead, if the taigs do get their act together which at the moment seems doubtful but not impossible, then we still have a long way to go, but if we still have a good lead by the end of January then I would like to think we can kick on from there, but I never take anything for granted, we've had too many disappointments before, too many of our fans getting carried away too soon, theres a long way to go.
  2. Only hibs to worry about lifting the trophy, I forgot the Mutton lot were playing today, i thought it was tomorrow 👍👍 Away to st. Mirren
  3. Should be strong enough to win, with some decent options on the bench if required, let's hope we don't blow our chance of our first trophy
  4. Only hibs to worry about lifting the trophy, I forgot the Mutton lot were playing today, i thought it was tomorrow 👍👍
  5. I.ll be totally shocked if Jack features, after another injury, to return on plastic seems highly unlikely
  6. I fully expect Bassey to start v falkirk, if he doesn't that will surprise me
  7. Other than 3 young untested players on the bench on Thursday, our choice for midfielders as subs was Barker, Hagi or Stewart, due to injuries , therefore imo Bassey could and perhaps should have been used late in the game, I could understand Barker replacing Kent , but although losing a 2 goal lead against them twice was a bitter pill to swallow I think we should be content that we can still win the group but I have a nagging doubt that we will finish second which is still a worthy achievement, put simply I trust S.G., knowledge of team selection and use or lack of use of substitutes bett
  8. No, my original post was that in a stop gap situation, Bassey could slot into left midfield if we were struggling with injuries etc, some posters in benfica thread suggested him to replace a tiring Kent
  9. I like the phrase left sided players , don't want too many left footers around the place
  10. I got a little bit of stick for this suggestion, it gave me a wry smile when some posters after last nights criticism of S.G. not using subs , had suggested bringing on him on to replace Kent. Our midfield was stretched a bit for cover last night due to injuries to jack ,aribo and Zungu, so for the many who said we don't need any more cover in midfield as I said it's a long season and there was bound to be injuries and we have not had any suspensions So Far.
  11. I would not expect Jack to play especially on plastic after his latest injury, hopefully return on Thursday in Europa.
  12. Folk quote it's a penalty under current rules!!!! That was a stonewall penalty under any set of rules.
  13. Exactly, and I hope we can win both and give some key players a night off in Poland, but that is a difficult task, I just hope we don't regret losing late goals at benfica .
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