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  1. If Kamara is suspended? Then Davis, I dont see Arfield starting , prefer Roofe to start instead , Scotty on the bench.
  2. McGregor earns us a lot if points over a season, of course he blundered, but hes only human, Goram, Woods, Klos all made the odd mistake
  3. Michael Stewart would defend him😀
  4. A clean sheet would be a result, but unlikely the way we have been defending
  5. I see him more as a replacement for Ryan Jack but still early to be certain, hes definitely improving
  6. Sorry never noticed this thread & I posted a new one
  7. I saw it & enjoyed it, liked listening to the accounts of Willie Henderson, Davy Wilson, Willie Johnston, ian McMillan, he was a special talent
  8. He had a terrific game last night v Lithuania
  9. Katic really divides opinion, but I like the lad & hope he has a successful recovery out on loan and gets games he needs
  10. He could take a long throw in but that's about all
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