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  1. Favourites to qualify, I do fancy our chances of getting to last 8
  2. Any odds on who qualifies to the next round
  3. Playing away first definitely suits us at least on this occasion, away on 11th March, home on 18th so no travelling before our visit to the glitterdome.
  4. I want away tie first on 11th March so the return match is at Ibrox on the 18th March, would not want a long journey just before we head to porkheid.
  5. Resigned apparently, what a shame if that beats him for a pay off,
  6. Earlier in the season I might well have voted for Glen Kamara or had Ryan Jack been fully fit all season, Steve Davis is rightly a contender, strange that no forwards are real contenders, in the end I did vote for Alan McGregor
  7. Hagi is a very intelligent player, sometimes brilliant sometimes ordinary, personally I don't like both hagi and aribo in the starting eleven, one or the other for me, but just my opinion, S.G. better qualified than me to decide
  8. If septic win all their remaining games, which obviously includes beating us twice, they can reach a total of 91 points, I know it's a highly unlikely scenario, but to be absolutely certain of us winning the title we still need 13 points, without goal difference being used.. that's the method i am using before uncorking the champagne, of course i hope we can get it done in as short a period as possible, including humping them again at porkheid.
  9. First name on team sheet for porkheid
  10. I agree re Kent, he has been mediocre for a while, not sure we need 2 holding midfielders at home v kilmarnock but having said that it should allow both full backs to get forward more often
  11. I would be interested to know who you suggest would be the midfield 3 to topple kilmarnock. Apologies in advance if you have done so previously in this thread.
  12. Many would say that is our strongest midfield 3, especially with Arfield still potentially out.
  13. I think Arfield will play at porkheid
  14. Should have gone to specsavers
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