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  1. Sorry us fellow bears don't live in such executive area's as yourself but we still keep on supporting through our poverty
  2. Got this wee guy fired up to see his first game just likel i was 50 years ago, can wait!
  3. He has only started school so midweek is not good, would have to be weekend
  4. Cheers mate, might just wait for a Scottish cup tie with a lesser team and more chance of a good result for his first game
  5. Always seems sold out 2 seats together!
  6. How can i get tickets for an old bear to take his grandson to Ibrox before other forces outwith my control can get to him?
  7. First big euro game in the mid 60s aged 10. Boarded special train(steam for fuck sake) at Blantyre station. Train had those old compartments that you see on the Orient express, all kids under 12 were put up in the over head luggage racks by the time we got to the station at Ibrox (long closed ) we had learned how special it was to be a Rangers fan, remember it like it was yesterday.
  8. went to see him today in the company of a mate who is an accies fan, was completely out of it the whole game apart from one free kick which he earned on the edge of the box, hate to make a judgement on such a young player but I dont think he is one for the future.
  9. I was drinking a bottle of their cider and the label fell off, there seems to be something going on here....
  10. Heard him talk once as an after dinner speaker, he was an amazing man and a bigger Rangers man you could not find. Sadly missed.
  11. As reported on here a couple of weeks ago, you will not find a bigger blue nose than Tom Wotherspoon the owner of M+H logistics, he attends all the games home and away and is friends with a few ex players, spoke to him at an away game recently and he came across as a true blue, wish there were more like him.
  12. Owned by a guy called Tom Wotherspoon, he is a big Rangers fan and goes to all the games, think e has a box at Ibrox and puts a few bob into the club.
  13. When you get to my age I would give it all up for 45mins nevermind a whole season.
  14. My old man took me to this game as well, attendance was given as 66000. What a player stein was.
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